The other day our neighbor Bob dropped over for a visit and as we were sitting on the front deck watching the lake, a butterfly decided to join us. He happily landed on Bob’s shoe and sat there for several minutes, long enough for me to get a picture. That in itself is amazing because you know how often I forget to take a picture….

Here is the picture of the butterfly on Bob’s shoe. Although I looked for it online, I cannot seem to find what kind of butterfly this is, so if anyone knows, we’d love to hear from you.

Ducks Unlimited Tin Sign

ducks unlimited tin sign

Ducks Unlimited Waiting at Crows Creek Tin Sign

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4 thoughts on “Butterfly”

  1. Hi, Robert… I think it’s a White Admiral butterfly. They are supposed to be fairly common in Nova Scotia, but I haven’t seen them very often.

    Sounds like you’re having a wonderful summer! Hi to Wendy!

    (PS – Getting up at 6 to fish sounds like a lot more fun than getting up at 6 to catch the bus to work! :) )


  2. Thanks Sharon, a White Admiral butterfly, sounds like Bob and I should have stood up and saluted. Do you suppose he wants to be admiral of our pontoon boat???

  3. Hi Robert,

    This is the first time I’ve had a chance to sit down a read cottage chronicles since Canada Day weekend. I just wanted to say thanks for the rescue during my row back to the cottage from the other side of the lake. It seems like a much shorter distance with a motor and the boat on plane.

    Thanks again

  4. Ha ha, anytime anonymous rower, glad to do it…I will do damn near anything to get readers to this blog. The day before last I towed in a jet skier who broke down. Perhaps I should start a small business. And yes, it seems a lot further when you are rowing.I have had the misfortune of rowing back from the Falls myself on occasion. You had it beat by the time I got there, but I figured you had suffered enough. Years ago I promised myself that I would never be there without a boat ready to go, just in case of someone needing help in an emergency. I didn’t follow my own rules and had the boat locked up when I realized you were rowing, so it took awhile to get geared up. The other night I had just taken the oars, gas tank etc out of the boat, locked it up and put the stuff away when the jet skier broke down….had to gear up again. I think I should be keeping it in the water all the time, then maybe nobody would need a tow. LOL
    Someday no doubt I will need a tow with the old boats and motors I’m using.
    Thanks for reading The Cottage Chronicles.