A Finished Painting

Hey ! How are things today? I just finished a painting, a great feeling to get one done. I have been remiss in my painting endeavors of late, so it feels great to get back into it, up to my armpits in acrylic paint, smearing it all over my face and the carpet, then washing my brushes in the bathroom sink, driving Wendy almost completely crazy…..

This painting is based on a photo that I “lifted” from one of our regulars here at The Cottage Chronicles, Margo, who is an excellent painter in her own right, and as it turns out, a pretty good photographer too. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m haven’t got to thinking that I am an artist….first and foremost I am a blogger….a cottager and well…a heck of a lover…but other than that, I just like to paint once and awhile.

Unfortunately the camera flash washed out a little of the color of the painting, but you can still get the drift.

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