We Have Internet and Television At The Camp !!

After what seems like an interminably long time, we finally have internet and television at the camp. Frequent readers will know of our struggles to obtain cable television and how we were for all intents and purposes jerked around from the local cable television company.

Well all that ended when we decided to go with Shaw Direct for satellite television and Bell Aliant for our wireless internet. A couple days after contacting Shaw Direct, the tech was in the driveway and a couple hours later the satelitte dish was installed and we were watching television. Yee-Ha!!

Chances are, to be honest, if Bell Aliant could provide television in the area around our cottage we might very well have gone with them for both internet and television, but unfortunately, they don’t at this time.

However, I’ve always been kind of interested in the satellite television idea and so far, it has proven to be just the thing. We get lot’s of channels, some I admit I will likely never watch, but that is true of the cable television we have at home. But we have enough channels that we do watch to get us through a long rainy day or a long night in the fall at the cottage when the days grow *gasp* shorter and the nights grow longer and darker……

I know, I know…the purists among you might think that television and internet is not necessary at the cottage. But I defend that by saying we are at the cottage about 5 days out of 7 each week, sometimes more and as nice as it is to enjoy the fire and a good book, that gets old when you do it every night for a couple of months.

The only thing I see that might become an issue is that I am a terrible television and internet junkie, and there is a modicum of danger that I might find myself inside watching television or writing blog posts when I should be fishing. On the other hand, you can only fish in the daylight and being outside in the rain isn’t always pleasant.

Speaking of pleasant, Wendy and I spent six hours on the pontoon boat yesterday, taking a long leisurely boat trip to the head of the lake, a distance of about 10 miles from our camp, 20 miles round trip. It was great. If you are thinking about buying a boat I have to recommend a pontoon boat. They have changed boating for the better in my opinion.

I cannot wait to get back to the camp and start blogging in real time, yup, blogging about the cottage from the cottage….well it doesn’t get any better than that !!!

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