Live From The Cottage

Aha !! The July long weekend is here at last!! Now all the poor folks who have to work for a living can have a little break from the work-a-day world and enjoy summer and the Canada Day festivities. I’m here at the lake, yup, I am blogging live from the camp, looking out over the lake and watching the boats go by. One big one just cruised past sporting a Canadian flag proudly waving in the south breeze.

That reminded me we didn’t get a flag for the pontoon boat for Canada Day, I mentioned it to Wendy, I think she is heading off to the local variety store after supper to see if she can get one. We don’t want to be out on the lake without a flag on Canada Day, OMG that is just not right. What would people say? Well, I know some of them would say, “Look at that old pontoon boat without a flag, my God that just isn’t right.” That’s what some of them would say……

There is nothing looks better than a boat decked out with a red and white Canadian flag, the maple leaf proudly flapping in the wind like a duck on drugs. (figure out that analogy I dare ya)

I bought a new battery for the pontoon boat today as well as a battery charger. There is nothing more important than a spare battery in an outboard equipped boat, especially on a lake 12 miles long, it can be a long paddle home if the wind is against you which is always is when your motor dies. So now I intend to not only have the battery charged up at all times, I plan to carry a spare in the boat, just in case.

The battery I bought today came from Canadian Tire, it’s a “starter battery and deep cycle battery” combo.

For those of you wondering what that is, let me explain. A “starter” battery is designed to do just what it’s called, start the engine. It is designed for short, quick bursts of power, enough to turn over an engine and start it running. It’s not designed for long term use, such as powering fish finders, radios, navigation lights etc.

A “deep cycle” battery is just the opposite, it’s designed to provide power for longer periods, such as running navigation lights, radios, fish finders etc. A combination starter/deep cycle battery is designed to do both. Many boaters carry two or more batteries, using one to start the engine and the other to power the lights etc. I intend to carry both, but my intention is to keep them both charged so that I have a spare if needed.

Apparently not all outboards, even electric start outboards have what is needed to charge a battery when the engine is running and even those that do, it is still risky because you have to run them at lot and at higher speeds to keep the battery charged.

The battery we bought today is a Nautilus Marine/RV Starter and Deep Cycle Battery costing about $114 plus a $10 Core Charge plus sales tax. This little baby provides 730 marine cranking amps (MCA) in a 27 BCI group size and a 160 minute reserve capacity…I dunno what all that means but I think it’s a good thing.

I think I am going to like being able to write directly from the cottage rather than saving it all up and writing it later when I get home. This way I can bring you spot on updates, like when the sun comes up, when it goes down, what we did in between, trips to the outhouse, (with our wireless connection I can actually post from the outhouse) the lunch and supper menu each day, the weather here, and more…much more vitally important information that you need to read as soon as it happens….jeezus this is like CNN for cottagers……Twitter for campers and Facebook for…um….facebookers…..

I can thank my daughter Julia for this, giving me her old laptop was like giving blood, because a laptop and internet connection to a blogger is like blood to a vampire, we need it, we need it often and we need it bad…..

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