Lake Pictures

You know I am not particularly good at remembering to take pictures. I almost always remember to bring along my little camera, but invariably I forget to use the darn thing. However, this past week I did manage to pull it out of my pocket and snap some pics around the camp and out on the boat, even got a couple when Darrell and I went fly fishing one evening. Here he is at the top of our little fly fishing river we call “Third Falls”

It was a great evening, and the trout, although not overly cooperative did manage to give up three for supper.

I also managed to get a couple pics early one morning, here are a couple of merganser ducks flying over the lake. I noticed that there is something else flying above them in the pic, I’m not sure if it is a mosquito close to the camera or perhaps a plane high above them…didn’t see it until I uploaded the picture.

Here is a picture of the lake taken when Wendy and I took a little cruise on the pontoon boat.

Of course she had to take a picture of yours truly, captain of the pontoon boat….do I look like I know what I am doing?

There is nothing quite as lovely as a lake in summer, especially when the sun shines and it gets particularly beautiful as the sun sets.

Gotta love it !!

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3 thoughts on “Lake Pictures”

  1. Your friggin hilarious! I esp like the article of Punta Cana and the one where you talk about joining the health, club not losing any weight however apparently you have to go there and then it cuts off…….

    Do I have to join up to find out the rest?

    Susan Mac Donald
    Halifax, NS

  2. Ha ha !! No membership required Susan, just bookmark me and keep on coming back, or sign up to get my updates via email, there is a link on the sidebar somewhere…I am glad you enjoy the foolishness I provide.

    Margo: Yes that is Captain Robert at the helm of the S.S. Topless…and the reason I am smiling? Can’t see Wendy in the picture anywhere can ya…..think about it…..