Waterfront Elevators For Cottages and Camps

Having a cottage located just a few feet above the lake level I don’t really have far to go to the water for boating or swimming etc, but, sometimes at the end of a day where I have been up and down to the shoreline several times, say working on the wharf for example, I get tired.

It’s a pretty good workout on a summer day. But, geez, it’s only about 4 or 5 steps at most from the shoreline to the lawn. What about folks who build their cottage on a cliff, or high above the lake?

I am thinking about two cottages that are located on our lake, one on an island, very high above the water, and another on top of a high hill that has a fabulous view both up and down the lake, but oh my….arrriving there Friday night with a load of groceries and supplies must be a killer.

They actually brought the building materials in by helicopter.

But if a helicopter isn’t within your budget, and your camp is located high above the lake, and you, like me, are not getting any younger….you might be interested in a cottage shoreline elevator…..yes, I said “elevator” a cottage elevator….

Now…we are not talking about a rope and pulley, or your wife pulling you up the hill with a big boat winch, although, come to think of it, that would probably work pretty good as long as you were greased up….which of course I usually am…..

But what I am talking about is a real cottage elevator, designed for use by owners of lakeside cottages that are perched high above the lake, usually on a fairly steep incline.

There are companies who actually build elevators for these situations, and they work pretty good from what I understand, a lot better than the wife, winch and grease idea….

Imagine how easy it will be to get your groceries and new furniture from the boat up to your camp with an elevator. Imagine how impressed your neighbors are going to be, as they huff and puff their way up to their own places while you sit back in your elevator and cruise up the hill arriving refreshed and ready to go!

While they are calling the paramedics, you can be enjoying a relaxing evening by the campfire, watching the stars and wondering if the paramedics are going to arrive on time to save him……comforted by the fact that you have an waterfront elevator……

So, if you have a cottage with a hill, and you are getting a little tired of climbing the long climb to the camp maybe it’s time you considered getting an elevator system.

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