Solar Lights

If you want to light up your cottage property a little making it cheery after dark without too much obtrusive light, I think solar garden lights are a great way to go about it.

I have about a dozen solar lights along the edge of the shoreline and a couple more back by the garden as well as a couple mounted beside the door to our shed. The solar powered lights provide a little bit of light, enough to see the keys to unlock the shed for example. The lights along the shoreline keep me from walking over the edge after dark and look nice when you see the camp from the lake.

Compared to spot lights and electric lights, most solar lights do not provide a great deal of bright light. Instead they provide some ambiant light, and act great as marker lights, such as on a wharf walkway or a pathway through a garden patio. We have electric spotlights for bright light when we need it.

Because of their lower light, solar lights don’t interfere with stargazing the same way that electric powered outdoor lights do.

Solar lights don’t require electricity and will come on automatically, you don’t have to be there to turn them on. That’s a plus, knowing they are on even if we are not at the cottage.

There is no wiring needed, no maintenance either. You stick them in the ground, or fasten them to a fence post, deck railing, or any place you want some light, and as long as they get some exposure to solar light during the daytime, they come on at night. Solar lights are very inexpensive to buy, and cost virtually nothing to use, and you don’t need an electrician to install them.

Here’s a great set of solar lights featuring a powerful amorphous sillicon solar cell and super bright LED lights. These come as a set of 10 making them great for walkways and borders.

Sunforce 86115 Solar Garden Lights pack of 10

If you are considering adding some solar lights to your patio, shoreline or wharf, don’t spend a lot of money on elaborately styled ones, instead pick lights that are functional and unobtrusive. They will blend in to the landscape during the day, and come on at night. The new ones, featuring LED lights are quite bright and they last for a long time. I have a set like the ones shown above that have been in use for two years and are still going strong.

Add some solar lights to your cottage or camp landscape and you will be enlightened…..

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