Rain Rain Go Away

I don’t know about you, but personally, I have had enough of this rain. It’s getting downright depressing of late. In fairness I should add that it is not as depressing here as it is in Quebec, Manitoba or the United States where major flooding is happening and folks are losing their homes, but depressing nonetheless.
The weather report on this morning’s news television program didn’t provide me with any amount of comfort either, as the weather forecast calls for rain and more rain at least until the end of the week.

That’s the thing about cottages. The amount of time you can spend there is fleeting, so you better do it when you can, appreciate those nice summer days with sunshine and lollipops and no rainbows because there are a lot of days when it isn’t quite so lovely.

We’ve soon got to bite the bullet and head to the camp for a day or so because I left my aluminum boat on the shore with the outboard motor attached and I am getting concerned the lake might be rising pretty high with the recent steady rain days we have been experiencing.

I’m kicking my butt for this because I usually don’t leave the outboard on the boat at this time of the year, but the last time we were at the camp it was so nice and the lake was fairly low. I mistakenly figured that it would be fine to leave the boat. In my defence, I also imagined we would be returning sooner rather than later, but things got in the way and now two weeks have passed.

Spring weather is like this around here. It’s rather unpredicable, you never know what Mother Nature and the weatherman, weather girl, meterologists may bring you to deal with. Sometimes hot and dry, but most often, wet….wet…wet…..

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