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I was not surprised to see that a post I wrote some time ago about building an outboard motor stand is still ranking as one of my most popular posts. There are lots of outboard motor owners who are thinking about building an outboard motor stand and wondering either how to build an outboard motor stand or where to buy a stand or outboard motor cart.

Placing an outboard motor in a stand in an upright position is an excellent way to position an engine to work on it for service or repairs. Standing an outboard up also allows water to drain from the engine and keeps fluids from running back into the engine. Outboard motors should never be allowed to have the head lower than the prop. An outboard motor stand takes care of that concern.

Stands are also good for keeping a motor out of the way, nice and neat and protect it from water damage in the event of your basement flooding for example.

If you do decide to buy or build an outboard motor stand make sure it is designed to handle the size of your particular outboard motor. If a stand falls over or collapses under the weight of your motor it could damage the motor and possibly hurt someone standing nearby. If you are working on your outboard motor while it is mounted on a stand, make sure the stand is secure before you start pulling on the outboard.

Outboard motor stands that are on wheels are also quite helpful for moving an outboard motor around inside your garage or boat shed, and even for taking the motor back and forth to the boat. It’s certainly easier to wheel an 80 pound outboard motor than it is to carry it.

Here is a picture of an assortment of outboard motor stands, for various size boat outboards.

This particular stand is a 130lb Capacity Outboard Motor Folding Engine Stand Cart that is among my favorite picks.

The above notwithstanding, I have a different opinion about stands for small outboard motors these days. While I used to have an outboard motor stand in my boat shed, I long ago decided it wasn’t a particularly good way to store our outboard motors.

Having your small boat engine on a stand is however a good way to get it stolen. In my opinion there is nothing more inviting to a thief than a 15 horsepower outboard motor sitting in plain sight on a stand in a boathouse or garage. Outboards have a fairly decent resale value, particularly when a thief gets one for free, whatever he sells it for is pure profit, and unfortunately, given the relatively high cost of outboards, there is a large market for stolen motors.

As I mentioned, an outboard motor stand is very useful for working on an outboard motor. It puts the motor in a good position for changing the plugs, repairing or replacing other parts, and it’s almost a necessity for changing the lower unit oil if the engine is not on the boat. But for storage, I am not a fan.

I prefer to hide my outboard motors and leave the stand in a visible location in the shed. In the event of a burglar gaining entry to my boat shed, they will see the stand, but no outboard motor, and hopefully assume it is not there.

That’s my hope anyway….

For those of you who are interested in buying an outboard motor stand, there are several types available.

30 HP Outboard Motor Cart & Engine Stand


Garelick/EEz-In 31600:01 Marine Outboard Motor Carrier


Garelick® 50 – hp Capacity Outboard Motor Stand


Weston 315 lb. Outboard Motor Carrier


130lb Capacity Outboard Motor Folding Engine Stand Cart

For anyone interested in building their own outboard motor stand, here is a link to a plan to build a vintage outboard motor cart

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