Long Weekend Cottage Updates

Hi. We’re just back from 5 days at the camp. The good news is…the predicted end of the world didn’t happen….that’s gotta be a bonus.

It was great at the camp, although the weather is just not cooperating at all. Rain and rain, fog, mist, dampness and cold…kind of feels like how I picture the highlands of Scotland in May, only this is the lowlands of New Scotland, Nova Scotia.

Yes it’s been cold and wet, but we still managed to have a great time at the camp. We put down some new carpet our son bought us for Christmas which really transformed the living room at the cottage.

We also got our new pontoon boat in the water and operational, had a couple short rides in it, and figured out how most of it works, although I am learning as I go. Did I mention we bought a used pontoon boat? It’s a 20 footer, a Starcraft with a Mercury 40 horsepower outboard motor. Goes along nicely and I cannot wait for some hot summer days.

This being Spring and all, I am in the grass and tree growing phase, getting some topsoil and grass seed started in some of the areas that were mostly gravel and soil since the high waters washed it out last fall.

I’m happy to report it’s coming along nicely, and the trees I transplanted from the backyard to the frontyard have started to root and take hold which is nice to see. It’s always a balance at a lakeshore cottage as you try to plant trees but not interfere with the view of the lake. However I am a big supporter of trees and figure we all need more of them, so I am more than willing to sacrifice a little bit of view for trees. Besides, trees are nice to look at too.

Our squirrel problem seems to have abated. No more sign of the little critters inside our shed, but I am keeping a sharp lookout nonetheless. Our neighbor had a couple get inside his basement this weekend, figuring it would be a good place to live. I guess after we evicted them from our shed, they moved on to a bigger place. I dunno what’s going on, the squirrels all seem to want to live inside these days.

Next on the list is to get the little vegetable garden ready for planting. I wasn’t going to bother this year, but the more I look at the ground, the more I think a few rows of beans and some carrots might be nice. I’m just waiting for the rain to ease up a bit so I can get the soil tilled and put in some seeds. There’s nothing like fresh beans right out of the garden in late July.

And now, the biggest news of all…we are having an internet connection added at the cottage so from now on my cottage blogging will be live !!! Well…if not live it will be at least on location……

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One thought on “Long Weekend Cottage Updates”

  1. Fine lookin’ vessel Rob, slides along pretty as a picture but the winter parkas and wool mitts we’ve been wearin’ for the past few weeks sure don’t go with a Starcraft party boat, can ya do a sun dance or sumpthin’ to warm it up a bit. I had to come home and get the junk out for clean-up week ( beats havin’ a yard sale later on )things are lookin’ like spring here in NB, grass is green, flowers out, and lots of guys with orange vests standin’around holes in the roads lookin’ for missing persons. See ya next week.