Garage Cleanup

This was one of those days when I just had to start something I have been putting off for much too long….cleaning up the garage. No not the nightmare that I call a garage at the cottage, that is gonna take a lot more work than I am ready for. Today it was the garage in our house in the city that was getting all the attention.

Oh my God! Or as the kids say in text, OMG !! The little garage, which is about 10 feet wide and 30 feet long, is full. More than full, it is jam packed, but mostly with stuff that we either don’t need, or forgot we had, and replaced already.

Wendy said it was all going on Kijji…..uh-oh….

It’s always interesting digging into old boxes of stuff, finding treasures, or things you thought were treasures, and uncovering items that you forgot you ever owned.

I discovered that I have multiple issues of The Artist’s Magazine stuffed into a file cabinet, along with multiple issues of the Ducks Unlimited magazine, and other assorted outdoor and artist magazines, books and publications. I knew I had some, I just didn’t realize how many.

Of course, that means that I ended up spending a good deal of my cleanup time reading through my newfound discovery. Wow, those Artist Magazines were great, and inspiring too…..I think it’s time I got out the paints and brushes, and took up where I left off in my artistic career.

The garage? Oh yeah, well I will clean it up soon…..I promise…..

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