Foggy Day Foggy Television

We’re just back from 4 days at the cottage. Nothing but fog….and more fog, but today we got a break, we had a thunder and lightening storm, which lifted the fog…It poured cats and dogs for about an hour, then it ended and the fog came back.


This was supposed to be an exciting week at the camp. We had put in a request to have cable television and internet connected. It was gonna be great!! I’d be able to watch television and type out my life at the cottage updates in real time, right there, while “stuff” was happening. That way, you my reader, would know not only that I put my wharf in the water, and saw a loon, it would be like you were actually there, with me, at the time.

But alas….nothing is easy, particularly at the camp.

The service tech’s arrived on Thursday morning at 11:55, they were booked to arrive between 8 and 12, so they were on time….barely.

I was outside when they pulled in the yard. Two of them. They spoke to me, more of a grunt, but I suppose cordially enough, but I could tell by the looks on their faces something wasn’t right. They walked the driveway staring at the telephone pole, pointing up at the wires and talking in whispers to each other. After about 3 minutes of looking, pointing and whispering, the older of the two approached me with a grim look on his face.

“Who do I talk to?” he asked.

I started to say, “Me” but saw Wendy appear in the doorway, so instead I pointed to her and said, “Her”

Wendy opened the door in time for him to explain that there were some issues….

Uh-huh…well the first problem is that the wire lines from the street to the camp are not there. The closest is two neighbors away, so they have to run new lines. That means we need a “site assessment” done by some other techs, before the techs come to install the lines.

Provided that gets figured out, and the site assessment passes, an order goes in to some other guys who will come and run the wire from the poles to the cottage.

After that is done another order goes in and then the guy that installs the cabling to the cottage and hooks up the TV and internet comes back, if not him personally, someone like him. No, there was no need for them to look inside or wire the camp then and there, not until the wires are brought from the road.

He said it would be 3-6 weeks before the first step is done, the site assessment. Nothing happens until then. Then of course it will be some time before they get the wires run, then some more tacked on until they get back to wire the cottage and hook up the television and internet. I’m thinking it will be autumn by then…..

And to make matters worse, the tech added that our neighbors old travel trailer, being used as a bunk house of sorts, which is positioned on the right-of-way to our camp, needs to be moved before they will run the wires. More fuss. They won’t run wires over it because of some risk of liability should a wire touch the roof of the trailer.

When I mentioned it to our neighbor, he didn’t seem too interested in moving the trailer, saying he “didn’t think it would come out of there” in his words, like it was stuck or something. Of course it will come out, my buddy has a four wheel drive truck with a big engine. It will come out of there one way or the other.

However, that may not be necessary, perhaps they will get neighborly and pull it out of the way themselves. Otherwise, given that it is on our right of way I’m sure a lawyer can be involved before it’s over….nice eh? Nothin like nice neighbors…..Just to make matters a little worse, they put a nice new outhouse beside the trailer on the road right-of-way this weekend…..uh-huh.

So, we are without any kind of television or internet at the moment and I am getting cranky. The television signal that we were pulling in by antenna is no longer coming in, despite running new antenna wire and trying several televisions. The rules around television are changing this year and by September 2011 it is my understanding that there will be no way to receive television by antenna alone, you will need a converter box of some sort or cable service or satellite. The way television signals are delivered is changing from analog to digital or something along those lines resulting in the need for a converter in lieu of cable.

Perhaps the television companies are getting an early start reducing the signal which would explain why our television signal at the camp is non-existant now. They might be trying to get folks who have been procrastinating to get moving now, avoiding a rush in September.

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