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A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my favorite trout fishing lures. Well those fishing lures have proven themselves valuable yet again, only now they are not only my favorite trout fishing lures, they are Wendy’s favorites too!!

We’re just back from a couple of days at the camp in “cottage country” where we managed to squeeze in a little time for trout fishing on the lake, trolling to be precise, and it was pretty successful.

No not “filled the boat with fish” successful, our lake is seldom like that, nor is our fishing. For us a successful fishing trip is a few hours in the boat and catching two or three fish, enough for a nice trout supper.

I guess we managed that this weekend as Sunday night Wendy landed two big trout and I followed up with…a…….another one…..ummm……slightly smaller.

Spring trolling for trout is a ritual in our family. We always look forward to a few days in the early Spring dragging a lure or some other bait behind the boat, cruising along the shoreline, visiting the places we haven’t seen since the previous year.

It’s always interesting to see the camps, the changes over the past months. This year I was surprised at the number of trees that have fallen, I suppose because of high winds but that is another story.

Here’s a pic of the weekend trout catch, the 12 inch ruler is there for comparison sake:

As you can see, two of them are slightly bigger than the third one. I will let this next picture explain who caught the two big ones !!

Now a good fisherman, or ‘fisher’ as we politically correct /gender neutral types like to say, never give away their fishing secrets, especially when it comes to catching fish, but a blogger, well that’s a different story, we spill our guts regularly, and….since it is just you and I here, and I know you can keep a secret…..shhhhh….come closer…..we caught them on one of the only lures in my trout fishing tackle box the Rapala Original Floater 07 Fishing Lure This particular fishing lure has proven to be excellent for catching trout in our lake, especially those ones that feed on smelts and minnows in the Spring.

In fact the Rapala Original Floater lure is only surpassed by live bait and even then I am not convinced it’s not better than live bait, and a lot less messy.

Rapala fishing lure

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