Favorite Trout Fishing Lures

Early season trout are typically rather hungry and one of their favorite foods are minnows and other small fish, even other trout can become lunch for a big old lunker.

My favorite bait for early Spring trout are minnows, real minnows, but they can be difficult to obtain sometimes as the minnow sellers typically need a couple days of sunshine to get the minnows in the salt marshes. So it pays to have a backup plan in the form of good artificial lures.

Lures designed to mimic small fish and minnows make good trout fishing lures and my favorites, especially when real minnows aren’t available, are the Rapala Original Floater 07 Fishing Lures
Rapala fishing lure
The orginal Rapalas come in a host of different color schemes designed to mimic real fish like shiners, perch and even other trout. My favs for early Spring are the silvery styles, with some red accents.

I must be getting soft in the head because here I am giving away my fishing secrets…..but then again, I can trust you….right? You won’t tell anyone else I hope…..Let’s try to keep these between ourselves shall we……

Rapala Original Floater 07 Fishing Lures

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