Septic Protector

I write a bit about septic systems here at The Cottage Chroniclesbecause they are a part of many cottager’s lives and, let’s face it, they are important. In particular a properly functioning septic system is important in many ways, to the cottage owner or home owner, to their neighbors and most importantly, to the environment.

One thing that is helpful to cottager’s and others is understanding their septic system, how it works and what can go wrong, and when it does, what can you do about it. A malfunctioning septic system can be caused by many factors, it’s important to know what affects the septic tank and disposal field.

I recommend you check out a great site, full of helpful, easy to understand information about all types of septic systems, Septic Protector by Jim vonMeier. The link will take you to Jim’s page, How The Function (And what causes them to fail)

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