I can’t let a month go by without mentioning outhouses. What does that tell you? LOL That I am full of…..

Well here’s a book about outhouses that will be great to have on the cottage coffee table. That’s the thing about cottages, it’s the one place where a book about outhouses looks appropriate on the coffee table…..

Written by Holly L. Bolinger, Nick Cedar, William G. Simmonds, and Jim Umhoefer, this book has over 100 full color photos, showing a wide collection of outhouses and scenery. But it’s more than photographs of outhouses, as it has written information about life before indoor plumbing.

For example:

What you did when the outhouse was “off limits”

Why did so many people bury treasure around outhouses?

Why is the crescent moon in the door the universal symbol of outhouses?

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