New Roof Shingles

As I write this it there is an enormous thunder storm going on above us, but it isn’t raining. Instead there is a team of four men from a roofing company on our wharf stripping the old asphalt roof shingles off and dropping them into a big metal trailer they have backed up to the side of the house.

Yup, we are having new roof shingles installed. When we originally purchased this home about 5 years ago, we knew the roof needed to be reshingled.

The shingles were pretty worn looking and some were starting to curl, but taking that into account, we still wanted the house, and replacing the roof was something we knew we would have to do eventually.

We’ve been lucky to stretch four or five years out of the old asphalt roof shingles.

After years of sun, rain, snow, wind exposure the shingles on the roof were no longer the best roof shingles.

Although the roof wasn’t leaking and we might have gone even another year, the time was coming when it would leak and then it might be too late, or the wrong time of year to start a roofing job.

So after a couple of worrisome rain and wind storms and finding broken roof shingles tabs all over the backyard this past winter, I decided to bite the bullet and get some new roof shingles on the roof.

Blame it on global warming or whatever, the nasty weather has been more intense these past few years, and I think it’s important to have a good roof on the house in the event of any major storms.

Today’s weather forecast isn’t the very best for this, given that there is some shower activity going on, but it’s supposed to clear off as the day progresses, so they decided to “get-er-done” as the saying goes and do it today.

It doesn’t help that we are coming into the busiest time of the year for a roofing company, and they want to get as many contracts done as possible to make money.

I briefly considered the idea to replace asphalt shingles with metal roofing, and some of the more elaborate roofing materials options but decided the traditional roofing materials, that is asphalt shingles, were the most economical roofing materials to use, especially considering we are not planning on staying in this house for the rest of our lives.

If this was the cottage, well….I might have decided to go with a higher quality shingle, nothing but the best for the camp!

The roofing contractor tells me they will be finished around two this afternoon, which is about 15 days earlier than the roof would be finished if I was doing it myself……

What am I saying? I wouldn’t be doing it myself unless it was at gunpoint given my fear of heights. I don’t even like to stand on a chair let alone get up and walk around on a roof.

Shingling a roof is completely out of the question for me. It amazes me to see people who are not bothered by heights, how they move so easily, so comfortable as they peer down over the edge.

So…with a team of professional roofers up there doing the work, all I have to do is get the money to pay for it.

I guess it is comforting to know that even if the four walls fall down around us, we will still have a roof over our heads.

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