More Polar Bears Killed Than Usual

I don’t know if this is climate change related or not, but a recent CBC News report says that Quebec hunters have killed 12 times more polar bears than usual. To date the number of bears killed in Nunavik is believed to be around 50, which is astronomical compared to the usual number of 4 or 5 a year.

Apparently two things are at play, the first is the value of polar bear hides is very high these days, and the second is that melting sea ice is forcing the bears closer and towards land and communities in the Hudson Bay area making them more vunerable to hunters, who are mostly from the native Inuit communities.

The increase in polar bears killed is not good news to other neighboring native communities who also depend on the polar bear hunting for some of their survival. They have concerns and have heard that the number of bears killed might be closer to 60. Hunters from this area of the North have an annual limit of 25 polar bears while the others have no limits imposed.

Either way, it isn’t good news for the polar bears. We have heard for the past few years that the melting sea ice, which is essentially where the bears live and hunt is disappearing, leaving the bears with no place to go but towards more southernly regions. This brings them closer to man and reduces their food supply and ability to hunt.

Pardon the pun, but this could be the tip of the global warming iceberg….

Full CBC News Report: Quebec Hunters Killed 12 Times More Polar Bears Than Usual

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