Inexpensive Flyfishing Vests

If you do any amount of fishing, particularly fly fishing, and what’s better than flyfishing for trout, you know the importance of a good fishing vest. A vest is far superior to a tackle box or a traditional “fishing bag” especially if you are wading to fish, such as in your favorite trout stream or salmon river.

Here are two Redington fishing vests that I like. In particular I like that these vests have the same features as many of the more expensive flyfishing vests, but not the price. In fact you can own either of these flyfishing vests for around $40, which is a good bargain.

The first flyfishing vest is a Redington Clark Fork Mesh Fly Fishing Vest designed with lots of pockets for your fly boxes, fishing tackle and related gear.
redington flyfishing vest
This vest is made from 100% polyester quick-dry mesh vest with a practical pocket layout and a knitted, lightly padded collar for comfort.
It has 9 external zip/Velcro closed external pockets
and very important to me, 3 interior pockets with zipper closure. Interior pockets are easier to reach into when you are fishing. I usually keep the flybox that I am using the most in an inside pocket, it’s just easier to get at. This vest also has a large rear-zip closed storage pocket which is a great place for an extra reel, or your lunch.
If you don’t care for the quick dry mesh back in the above vest, there is one available made with a regular cotton/poly blend. This vest is also made by Redington, it’s called the Redington Blackfoot River Flyfishing Vest This flyfishing vest has all the features of the first vest, but with a solid material as opposed to the quick-dry mesh. I have to admit, I prefer this vest but if you do a lot of deep water wading, and if you regularly get your vest wet, then the quick-dry version would be a good choice for your fishing needs.

Redington is located in the Pacifici Northwest and they have been providing quality fishing gear since 1992. They too enjoy fishing, so they know what we are looking for in guality fishing gear at affordable prices. That matters to me. You can catch as many fish wearing a $40 vest as you will wearing a $200 vest. Maybe more…..

Quick Dry Mesh Vest:Redington Clark Fork Mesh Fly Fishing Vest
Non-Mesh Vest: Redington Blackfoot River Flyfishing Vest

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