Inexpensive But Great Home And Garden Tools

It’s Spring and that means it’s time for some yard work, or home and garden work, cottage and garden work…well you get the picture. There are a couple of garden tools that are really helpful to gardeners and cottagers and home owners in general that I want to show you.

Among the first garden tools everyone should have is a good ‘lopper’ I have a couple and I have to say, I use them frequently.
I find a lopper is a great way to prune bushes and tree branches around home and around the cottage. Much easier than using an axe or a handsaw and much safer than using a chain saw to prune small branches. This one is called the Fiskars 9154 PowerGear 32-Inch Bypass Lopper

This handy garden tool comes with a limited lifetime warranty. It’s great for cutting large vines and branches up to 2 inches thick, and has a precision-ground, easily replaceable blade. These are really handy around the camp for cutting off tree branches, limbing trees and cutting bushes and shrubbery. I use mine all the time. They’re also great for clearing a path in the woods, maybe around your deer stand or a path through the woods to your favorite trout stream. You can order a lopper from Amazon for around 30 dollars. Order Your Lopper Here !

The second item that I think is really great are these Clean Air Distributing FLA1K20 Lawn Aerating Shoes

For around 15 dollars and a little bit of walking, you can aerate your lawn at home and at the camp. All you do is strap on a pair of these aerating shoes an walk around the lawn.

lawn aerating shoes

I’ve paid as much as $100 to have our lawn aerated, and these will do just as good a job for $10.49 a mere fraction of the cost of a lawn aerating machine. I think these are a fantastic idea. You can wear these when you mow the lawn and they will help you to grow a thick luxurious lawn, as the holes created allow air and moisture to get deep down into the roots of grass stimulating growth.

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