How To Tie Fishing Knots

I’m the last person to pretend to be a good knot tyer..or is it tier? Nonetheless, however you spell it, I am not the guy you want securing the rope to the tree on the top of the mountain as you prepare to rappel down the side of a cliff. But you can be sure that if I do tie the rope to the tree, I am going to insist you go over the side of the cliff first….

However, I do know the importance of using the proper knots for fishing. There is nothing…absolutely nothing worse than wondering about the quality of the knot you tied in the fishing line leader as you battle the biggest fish of your life and he is about to jump out of the water!! That is not the time to wonder if you used the right knot, or if you tied it correctly.

“Granny knots” are not fishing knots. Not in my opinion. Nope. There are knots that are strong, useful and relatively easy to tie, which will make your fishing better and give you some assurance that if the line does break, it’s not going to be because of the faulty knot you tied.

I only use a few knots in my fishing, but I can tie them with my eyes closed if necessary, or while running through the woods trying to be the first to cast a fly over a salmon pool at sunrise. They are the , the arbor knot, improved cinch knot and my favorite, the blood knot, for joining two pieces of leader or similar diameter line.

But there are lots more knots to know and I have found the very best site in the world to show us how to tie them!! Yupo…(my new word, not a typo) the best site in the world for fishing knots….it’s called, Animated Knots By Grog It’s full of illustrations, but better yet, animated illustrations to show you exactly how to make the proper knots.

Tight Lines !!!

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