Ya know….one of the best things about summer and in particular, summer at the camp is the opportunity for a nice rest and some relaxation.

One of the finest ways to relax that I have discovered is swinging away the afternoon in a hammock tied between two trees. It’s a fabulous chance to read, nap, listen to the summer sounds, and watch the clouds drift by overhead.

In fact, spending a lazy afternoon in a hammock is one of my favorite things to do. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t spend all my time in a hammock, as nice as that sounds, but I do love to gently rock back and forth and drift off to sleep with the sounds of nature around me on a warm summer afternoon.

It’s one of those guilty pleasures, kind of decadent in one sense, knowing that while the rest of the world is working, you are laying in a hammock watching the clouds, but what the heck, it’s your time, you earned it, so forget your worries and try a hammock.

Hammocks also make a great place to lie back and do some stargazing on a clear summer night. What better way to watch for your shooting star to make a wish. My wish would be for more days spent in a hammock!!

If you don’t have a hammock at your camp, it’s time you did……you can buy one like this from Amazon for about $20 which is a heck of a bargain for all those days you will spend enjoying life the way life should be enjoyed at the cottage.

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