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I have written about these before, but with the cottage plumbing season upon us, I figured it might be time for a little repost as folks begin to hook up the cottage water supply.

This is the time of year when you realize how important it is to get all the water out of the system before it freezes, because if it freezes, you usually end up with a water leak from a split water pipe.

I used to crawl under the camp, propane blowtorch, solder, flux and replacement pipe in hand, cut out the split piece and solder a new piece in, all the while trying not to burn myself, or burn the camp down in the process.

That is until I discovered Push ‘N’ Turn pipe fittings. I absolutely love them for joining water pipe under the cottage. All you need are pipe cutters or a hacksaw to remove the split pipe, some teflon tape, a couple of wrenches and some Push ‘N’ Turn fittings.

Using them is a heck of a lot easier than soldering copper….really…I mean it….crawling under a cottage with a lit blow torch is a recipe for danger, fires can start easily with the dry wood of under there, not to mention leaves twigs etc.

These connectors are made of a stainless steel gripper and celcon body and nut. You can repair existing plumbing leaks without waiting for glue to dry or for the pipe to dry for soldering. It’s easy, fast and you don’t need special tools. If you think I am a fan you are right.

Check out this info sheet from Waterline Products to see what I am talking about. Then stock up on a supply of these fittings to have on hand at the cottage if you need them. They will work with copper, Pex, PB pipes, infact almost all types of potable water supply pipes can be connected using these fittings. You can find them at building supply stores.

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  1. Lake Simcoe is awesome cottage country. The sky is like you wouldn’t believe in the city, you can actually see the Milky Way and smaller and smaller stars in between each other. Oh, look! There goes the satellite :-) Still, there are all usual stores nearby.

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