Cold Weather Brrr….

I can take a joke as much as the next guy, but this weather is no longer funny. It’s April and it still feels like March or even February outside today. Not a day I want to be trolling around the lake trying to catch a trout. Nope, this is not a trout fishing day for me. I am getting to be a bit of a wimp I guess, or I have actually gotten smarter with age, because a few years ago I suppose I would have been trout fishing today. Yeah well, that was then, this is now.

It’s not that the temperature is really low, but it’s a damp cold familiar with Eastern Canadians living close to the Atlantic Ocean.

It’s too cold for me, I’m a fair-weather fisherman these days I guess. The weather guy just said we have the mildest temperatures across Canada right now…but it’s going to change and get colder. Oh my. We’ll be ice fishing soon.

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2 thoughts on “Cold Weather Brrr….”

  1. Keith as I recall, you’ve been trying to convince me to get a sauna for a little while now….keep it up, I think it’s working. :0)

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