frederic remington painting

Canoe Paddles

Here’s a great website about canoe paddles that you will find interesting. Lot’s of old photo’s and information. It’s from a Canadian blogger, who goes by the name Murat, from Toronto, Ontario.

Murat, in his own words is an “avid canoeist and general outdoorsy type guy with a bit of an artistic side.” He is now making custom canoe paddles and his site provides lots of information about canoe paddles, canoes, and other information related to canoeing.

A pure delight to paddle through the pages of Paddle Making (and other canoe stuff) Check it out.

One has to wonder what is going to happen in the below Remington painting, is the shooter about to upset in his canoe when he fires at the moose? Ha ha….I wonder.
frederic remington painting

Painting: Coming To The Call by Frederic Remington, 1905

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One thought on “Canoe Paddles”

  1. Murat’s paddle making website is one of my all time favorites for inspiration. Some, well all, of his artistry is amazing. And the history he provides on each design shows the effort he puts into his research. I’ve always wondered what he would be capable of with a full shop and time, not that a large amount of space is nessicary but i’m sure his balcony feels cramped at times.

    I started a small blog with step-by-step paddle making, the designs are a bit more modern then Murat’s and not as artistic but hopefully they will inspire more paddlers the way he’s inspired me.

    -Paddle Dan

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