Big Bobber Cooler

I’m not sure this would be safe anchored in front of our camp given some of the proclivities of our cottage neighbors… know who you are, but….on the other hand, what a great camp accessory !!

Here it is….to the uninitiated, a fishing bobber…albeit a big bobber, a really, really, really big fishing bobber….but open it up and yippeee!! It’s a big floating bobber cooler!!

It’s called the Big Bobber Floating Cooler and it’s designed to hold up to 12 canned “beverages” and ice.
Big Bobber Cooler
A floating bobber cooler is perfect for the lake or the backyard pool. Tie a fishing line to it with a really big fishing rod and who knows, maybe your neighbors won’t even figure it out.

You can order yours today from Amazon, Big Bobber Floating Cooler

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3 thoughts on “Big Bobber Cooler”

  1. I’ve seen those last year at one of the large home stores in Dartmouth crossing, Bed Bath & Beyond I think it was. All I could think about was: *ahem*redneck*ahem* ;-)