Antler Decorations For The Cabin

Thinking of spicing up your cottage decor, want to make it look “outdoorsy” and symbolize the wilderness? Let’s face it, most of us like things related to the outdoors, the woods, the lakes and rivers and wild things that we all love. It’s why we go to camps and cottages in the first place.

Here’s a couple of items that will look create in a cottage or cabin setting, and give it that outdoorsy look.

To start with, here is a small mirror decorated with “faux” deer antlers that has a rustic appeal, and will accent any room. This is a 13″ Antler Oval Mirror that sells for under $30.00 A bargain.

If you like that, but perhaps want one a little bigger, how about this
Rustic Round Antler Mirror This outdoorsy mirror features antlers as a frame and is a little bigger than the first one shown above, this is about 26 inches and sells for a little over $200.00

Now if you are really….I mean really…..looking to spice up your cottage or cabin decor, you absolutely have to have an antler chandelier or antler ceiling light over your dining room table. Deer antler light fixtures are important parts of an authentic wilderness home. Antler chandeliers set the mood perfectly for those fine suppers you enjoy with your friends at your wilderness hideaway. This is the Whitetail 12 Cast Deer Antler Chandelier – 32″ x 20″ which is very beautiful and sells for $425.00 which is a bargain for something so attractive.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to dress up the cabin!!

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