First Weekend of Spring

Helloooo Campers! Here we are, back from four days and nights at the camp enjoying the early Spring weather!! A little cool I might add, but pleasant nonetheless. I have to admit, it wasn’t warm enough to get me interested in going fishing, since I have become a bit wimpy in my old age, however, it was a great few days to get the camp opened up and the water on etc.

This was what I consider a reasonably successful hook up the camp water system weekend, albeit with one little problem, no hot water because the heating element was toasted, owing to my negligence in getting all the water out of the hot water tank last fall. As the kids like to say, “my bad” However, as problems go, that one was minor, and fixed in a jiffy.

Our cottage shoreline survived the winter ice remarkably intact, which was a bit of a worry, but turned out OK. I lost about a truckload of topsoil with the high water last fall, but it isn’t the end of the world. I put some new landscape fabric down and a few sods and some topsoil from the old vegetable garden in place this week, and with any luck if the water doesn’t come up again anytime soon, I will have a better chance of holding the grass in place this time.
shoreline picture
The rest of the place is like it should be, even the plastic I put up to keep the rain and snow off our deck survived the winds of winter. Gotta love that.

It’s scenes like this that make getting up early in the morning at the cottage such a wonderful time…..

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