Toothache Relief

Oh this is not pretty…not pretty at all, I’ve got a toothache, perhaps the toothache to end all toothaches, which of course describes every toothache I ever had.

There isn’t much worse than tooth pain as far as I can see, well maybe a heart attack, lawn mower accident or something equally gory, but otherwise, a toothache can be quite a debilitating pain.

So what can you do for toothache pain? Go to the dentist, yup the dentist, the guys who are trained to deal with tooth problems that’s the first thing on the toothache pain relief list of cures, which is what I did. I went to the dentist a couple of days ago.
After some of the usual poking and prodding in my mouth, some x-rays and some discussion where he asks questions that I try to answer while my mouth is open and full of his hands and dentist tools, he told me what was wrong.

Seems I have a couple of tooth issues, requiring yucky things like root canals and a crown and failing that an “extraction” or two…..

I couldn’t help but think as he showed me the x-rays, that in military terms, an “extraction” is a much better thing to hear is happening to you than an “extraction” in the dentist chair. I have no idea why I thought of that since I was not shot down behind enemy lines, therefore needing an extraction, nor am I even in the military….but that is just how my mind works sometimes.

Yippee….How nice….nothing like subjecting oneself to the agony of the mouth followed by the agony of the wallet.
I have an appointment to get the first one fixed next week, in the meantime, I guess suffering is an option. I have been looking at some natural toothache remedies on the internet and giving some of them a try.

Extra Strength Tylenol helps dull the pain, but taking a lot of pain killers is apparently not a good idea although I admit, I am taking them like candy at the moment.

I’ve tried some of the other over the counter medicines too, things made to be toothache pain treatments and toothache cures such as Orajel, which numbs things for a little while, offers a little relief, although I am not crazy about the taste.

I can’t help wonder what people did about tooth pain years ago, before the advent of medicinal pain relief pills like the ones I am taking, it must have been pure misery. And back then, the dentist wasn’t a lot of fun either, not like today…..ahem….you can thank me later dentists of the world, you fun guys and gals.

According to one website I found in my search for toothache pain relief, native Americans were known to use the inner bark from butternut trees on their gums for natural toothache relief. I don’t know about you, but I always wonder how native americans or anyone else for that matter somehow discovers that the inner bark of a tree is medicinal but they did, and apparently found it quite useful for tooth pain. I suppose if the pain gets bad enough, one would be willing to try anything. I have sent Wendy outside tonight with an axe in search of a butternut tree and some inner bark. I hope she gets back soon, it’s snowing quite hard at the moment…..

In the meantime, until my dentist appointment, I’m doing the home remedies for toothache that I myself discovered on the internet, things like rinsing my mouth with a mixture of warm water and a teaspoon of salt, applying an icepack to my jaw, taking oral painkillers and using Orajel. I am about to try two other home remedies, placing a piece of raw onion on the affected, or “infected” tooth, and swishing some whiskey over the tooth.

So far I have had the best results with placing a piece of raw onion over the sore tooth, rinsing with warm salt water, and taking pain killers. The raw onion is actually quite good, I am happy to say, it works pretty well for short term relief. On the other hand, most of the cures I have tried work for a little while then become ineffective. I have the dentist appointment next week to look forward to, that will probably be the best toothache cure of all.

In the meantime I am really fond of the swishing whiskey idea best of all, but I won’t be spitting it out…..

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  1. Sorry to hear you got a bad chomper Rob , a couple of 222’s avec le codine and a double rum and coke every 4 hours til you see the dentist will help then triple the dosage after you get the bill. I just read last months stuff, been so tired and sore from moving snow for the last few weeks I missed some of your thoughts and research. We need a ZOOM BAA club at the lake this summer, we’ll get that one on the party boat to be the lead ZOOMER and we can sit on the wharf and do deep elbow bends, as for now I’ve got all I can do to keep up with the snow, lots of folks are probably thinking it’s not so bad here in SENB , I can tell you the worst is to come if we get a fast melt.

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