Sharpen A Chainsaw

One thing I have come to learn over the years is that I am technically challenged. It’s a curse, believe me, something I try to overcome from time to time.

However, the older I get the more accepting of it I become and instead seek ways around it. Around the cottage we do a little firewood cutting for the woodstove, which is pleasurable work and a great way to achieve a nice sense of satisfaction.

One of the technical things that I have always struggled with is how to sharpen a chain saw correctly. Yes I can sharpen a chain saw as good as the next guy I suppose, but it seldom is really sharp, seldom is as good as when it is sharpened by someone who really knows how to do it.

The problem is, my guy who used to sharpen my chainsaw has retired, closed his shop and moved to the desert, somewhere without a tree in sight. Yup….nice eh?

So that leaves me back at the workbench, round file, flat file and sharpening guide in hand, screwing up the angles of my chain, and making at best small gains in the sharpening process leaving me with my best alternative, buy a new chain.

That’s no problem but if you are doing any amount of wood cutting, buying a new chain every time the old one gets dull can be a pretty costly venture.

Well that may be coming to an end. I have discovered a new chain saw sharpening system called PowerSharp

The Powersharp system includes a PowerSharp chain for your particular saw, PowerSharp bar, sharpening stone, and bar-mount sharpener. It’s pretty cool and it’s made by a great name in chain saw equipment, Oregon who have been attached to my particular saw for years in one way or another.

My understanding of the system is that you attach the sharpener to the bar and chain, press the nose of it against something solid and run the engine for 3-5 secs at high revs.

It automatically sharpens your chain as the chain passes over the Powersharp sharpening stone mounted in the bar-mount sharpener. In seconds your chain is sharpened and ready to get back to work cutting up that big old tough hardwood tree that’s fallen down behind the cottage over the winter.

Now I don’t mind telling you, that sounds like music to my ears. Nothing works better and safer than a sharp chainsaw. It makes cutting firewood a breeze and in fact at least for me, a pleasure.

You can buy a Powersharp system online including through the most trusted online shopping system, Amazon, check here: PowerSharp


Oregon 541223 PowerSharp Starter Kit For 18-Inch Craftsman, Homelite, Poulan, And Poulan Pro Chain Saws

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