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From time to time I am reminded how we are all different, yet all the same, at least on some level. I came across an interesting blogger through the Outdoor Blogger Network, where I am also proud to say, The Cottage Chronicles is listed….

However, back to the interesting blogger, his name is Kevin and he writes a blog called Laplander’s Natural Lore Blog. Kevin is from the United Kingdom but owns a cabin in a remote area of Swedish Lapland, which is “way far north” in fact, Kevin and his family live 150 kilometers inside the Arctic Circle. That’s gotta be cold….and remote.

Kevin’s been involved in the outdoors since he was a child, including managing National Nature Reserves in the United Kingdom before moving to his new home.

He’s got a cool blog, with all kinds of interesting information and pictures about outdoor things including nature, outdoor and wilderness living skills, and traditional & primitive skills and crafts.

For example there is an interesting post on carving traditional wooden bowls and spoons. But don’t be mislead, there are plenty of posts about a lot of other stuff of interest to outdoorsy people like you and me, and all of them interesting, including many posts with photos like this one featuring a moose and her calf, including a couple of video clips.

I also enjoyed his post Raising a Cabin and A Bears Den” that has a couple of great pictures of a bear’s den.

There’s a good post showing us how to boil water with hot rocks, with some pics, that’s something good to know.

I could list a lot of Kevin’s great posts, but it makes more sense for you to check out his blog for yourself. He’s been writing since 2007 so needless to say, there is lot’s to see. Check it out, Laplander’s Natural Lore Blog

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