Gas Prices Go Up

Get a load of the gas prices these days. Oh my, sure makes me thankful I am so wealthy. Gas prices are getting up there slowly but surely, and not so slowly. Today, the gas prices in my hometown are in the vicinity of $1.26.7 – $1.26.8 per litre. On this date last year the gas prices were $1.03.131 per litre, which seems very inexpensive in comparison.

Of course this is right in time for the upcoming Spring Summer travelling season, when we all get in our cars, trucks, boats, and other gas powered equipment and head off to have some fun, or even just go to work.

I never paid a lot of attention to gas prices before, one, because I drive an old vehicle that is pretty good, gas mileage wise, and two, I always figured whatever gas costs I will have to pay it if I want to do the things I want to do.

However, it is interesting to watch it go up and wonder if the gas price predictions are right or wrong. Some of the so called experts are calling for higher prices, others are saying it will probably level out…..of course I am not much of a believer in experts, especially experts who are more or less just looking at a crystal ball and making a prediction.

The price of gas has certainly been an uphill climb since that first “oil crisis” scare around 1974.

I always remember when my buddy and I used to fill up our 5 gallon OMC outboard gas cans for under $5.00, and when it crept over $5.00 we were rather outraged, given that as teenagers, neither one of us had much in the way of steady income. However, according to my calculations, that same can of boat gas would cost about $28.80 today….

As something of a self styled expert myself, I am going to make a prediction, I think the gas prices are going to fluctuate up and down a penny here and a penny there, and get very confusing, then when we all get tired of trying to figure it out, and the good weather arrives and we are all heading off to the cottage gas prices will rise outrageously and we won’t even notice.

On the other hand, I make a lot more money now, tons of it, copious amounts of it, so much money it’s almost problematic, so what the heck who really cares about gas prices? The heck with it, let’s go boating !! It’s Spring !!

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