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This is kinda cool if you are looking for something different in the way of siding for your camp or cottage. Talk about “blending in to your surroundings,” You can now buy camo siding !!

Yup you can camouflage your cottage exterior siding with camo siding to make the place disappear among the leaves and trees of your lot.

It might be a problem if you are walking back to your place after a party at the neighbors camp, because you might not be able to find it, but otherwise, what a great way to hide out among the trees. Puts a whole new meaning to the term “camp hideaway”

Camo siding is the brainchild of two companies, Style
and Mossy Oak®, the leader in ground-breaking camouflage patterns.

This camo siding would not only be great exterior cladding for camps and cottages, but what a fantastic way to hide that garden shed that your wife keeps telling you needs painting. Put some camo siding on it and forget about it.

With camouflage exterior siding you can make your building blend into the surrounding trees and no longer be as noticeable as it was with the peeling paint. It would also be a great way to make your place disappear among the trees and make your property seem very untouched and…well….wild……

The company says that even though they would love it, they don’t expect to see the suburbs full of camouflaged houses with camo siding. Instead this exterior cladding is made with the outdoorsy types in mind, (that’s us) who would love it on their camp or the boathouse, shed etc.

I think it would be a great way to confuse unwanted cottage visitors who ‘suprise’ you by dropping in on Saturday. If they cannot see your place in the trees they might think you have moved away and taken the cottage with you……LOL

But don’t take my word for it, if you like camo siding, visit their website…if you can see it…. WildSide Camo Siding

WildSide exterior cladding from Style Crest with Mossy Oak Obsession™.

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