Building A Log Cabin

Ever since I began writing The Cottage Chronicles I have been following a blogger from Michigan who has a similar, albeit perhaps a little more classy blog about cottage and cabin life. I’m talking about Shelley at Building A Log Cabin
Shelley and her husband Greg, and of course their Bermese Mountain Dog, Scout, have been building a log cabin in MIchigan…no surprises there, given the name of her blog….duh…sometimes I surprise myself with the stuff I write…..

It’s a great blog, lots of info and some super pictures of life around, inside and outside of their cabin, which by the way, I wish I had on my particular cottage lake instead of the shack that we call a cottage.

Shelley and Greg have done a great job creating a wonderful lakeside home away from home, resplendent with the wonderful features that only come with a log cabin. Natural wood is hard to beat when it comes to interior walls. They are currently finishing their walkout basment in pine interior siding which looks wonderful.

Log cabins are just so damm nice, it’s hard not to be mesmerized by the look and feel of them, both inside and out. Buildings built from logs just look perfect on a wooded lot, or on the shore of a wilderness lake such as where Shelley and Greg have been building a log cabin.

Some trees around a cabin, perhaps some open areas, and you have the makings of a wonderful place.

Shelley’s site, in addition to showing us some wonderful ideas for cottages, camps and cabins, also features some great photography.

Shelley is pretty good with a camera. She has recently taken a few pics of a young red squirrel that are a treat to look at, even if you are like me, and not too keen on squirrels.

Whenever I read Shelley’s blog or other blogs from Michigan I am always impressed with the place. I have the notion that it is a bit of a sportsmen’s outdoor lovers paradise. Lots of wildlife, fish, and woods, with plenty of outdoor activities going on all the time.

I like that….Prior to reading Shelley’s website a couple of years ago, all I knew about Michigan was that was the setting for the sitcom Home Improvement and Detroit, Michigan where cars and trucks are made and Gordie Howe played hockey.

But Michigan is much more than cars and trucks, it looks to me like an outdoor lover’s paradise with lot’s of lakes and woods, a great place to have a cottage, or even better, a log cabin home, like Shelley and Greg and Scout.

For some great pictures of outdoors in Michigan, in addition to her Building a Log Cabin blog, Shelley also has a site called Northern Michigan Experience featuring lots of wonderful photos of Michigan outdoors.

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