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These days there have been a lot of leotards, running shoes, water bottles and sweaty girls around here. Yup, it’s been interesting, but nope, there are no pictures here of me in leotards, so if that is what you came for, sorry to disappoint you.

However, Wendy, a couple of her girlfriends and my two daughters have all found the miraculous health benefits of toning and firming aerobic exercise in the form of ZUMBA or ZOOOOOOM—BAAAA as I like to call it.

They dash off to do….ummm….their…ahhh…..sport a two or three times a week, returning late smelling of strong exercise and bouncing with energy. That’s because Zumba® is just that, glorified bouncing and dancing for exercise. At least as far as I can tell. I have to go on record as clearly saying, I do not attend, nor have I attended a Zumba® class myself. I have sat in a car outside the building, waiting for the Zoomba-ers in my family to complete their class, but that is as close as I have come to succumbing to what has become a fitness craze around here.

So what is Zumba® ? According to the official Zumba® website the craze began almost by accident. A fellow by the name of Alberto Beto Perez, (what a great name) a fitness instructor in Cali, Columbia, started it all. Apparently Alberto Beto Perez, (say that out loud, it’s sooooo smooth) was going to teach his exercise class and realized he had forgotten his traditional aerobics music. Uh-oh….

But fitness instructors are resourcefull as Alberto Beto Perez proved when he overcame his lack of aerobics music by using a mix of his own music that he had in his backpack. Naturally he had some salsa and merengue music in his pack, as do I, and he figured that would have to do. It did “do” as it turned out, his class got turned on by the hot latin sounds and a new craze began now called the Zumba Fitness-Party™.

The program combines toning, strengthening or cardio exercises together and targets every major muscle group in the body. Zumba® is now offered in more than 90,000 fitness center locations in 110 countries with ten million participants. Yup. It’s hot!!!

These days there are six types of Zumba programs, ranging from basic Zumba to water Zumba, and lots in between. They are called, Zumba® Zumba Gold® Zumba® Toning Aqua Zumba® Zumbatomic®
Zumba® in the Circuit

There is something for everyone and fitness level, from children to young adults to old weezing geezers like me, although I haven’t succumbed to the Zumba® temptation yet, Wendy did mention something about buying me a pair of leotards…..

You can also do Zumba® DVD workout at home: Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation System DVD Set

Zumba® Official Website

I am thinking about starting a Toning Aqua Zumba® class in the lake at the cottage this summer. I bet Lonesome Larry and Allegheny Al will sign up !!

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4 thoughts on “Zumba Class”

  1. I don’t think I will sign up but I will continue with the more traditional Camp Workouts. You know; dock humping, splitting block, grass leveling, rock tossing, fire building, road grading (by hand), tree cutting, rowing, neighbor visiting and my favorite elbow exercise – Captain Morgan time.
    Now LL with his waders on would be a prime candidate for these new exercise classes.

  2. Hey Al, I’m sorry to hear you won’t be signing up for the classes, but I understand. I also know you are the one who has to do most of the heavy lifting on your road, so you get lots of exercise. Now old Lonesome Larry, well that’s another story. He’d be perfect for water aerobics, can’t you just see him now, jumping up and down in his chest waders!

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