Winter Weekend At The Camp

We’re just back from an overnight winter trip to the cottage. It was great, lot’s of ice and snow, everything you want in a winter camp weekend. The snow was fairly deep, but lucky for us the neighbor had plowed the road in as far as his driveway, which got us almost there, a little shoveling, a little 4 wheel driving and we were right to the doorstep.

Although it was cold and trying to snow a bit, it didn’t take long to get the woodstove heating and with a little help from our electric heater, the place started to warm up. Meanwhile, Doug and I hooked up the little sump pump we use to pump water from the lake to some buckets we keep on the deck for toilet flushing etc.

The lake was open in places around the edges, which meant that we didn’t have to cut a hole in the ice to get water.

It takes quite a long time to really get the cold and dampness out of a camp when it’s been unheated for more than a month. That’s why we always try to time our weekend winter camping trips so that we arrive early in the day, it gives the place time to warm up.

We also use electric blankets on the beds, something I highly recommend for winter cottage comfort. Takes the dampness out of the beds and makes it nice and cozy, especially around 5 a.m.

By noon we were chowing down on a delicious macaroni and cheese casserole that Wendy had made. Dennith had some too, seemed to like it, although unfortunately, food seems to go right through him….

He kept his stocking hat on to stay warm, his little head gets cold… least according to Darlene and Wendy.
Doug and I took to the woods for the afternoon. We’re on a firewood cutting project, as usual, something we both enjoy. My little chainsaw was a teensy weensy bit dull, but we managed to cut 7 or 8 good size windfalls, limb them up, and drag them out to the ‘road head’ as I like to call it.

Once there, we loaded them into his Chev Avalanche and hauled them to the camp wood cutting area. We have a ‘camp woodcutting area’ do you?

The worst of it was lugging the 6 foot lengths out of the woods to the road. The snow was pretty deep in the woods and the swampy area where we were working had lots of holes to drop a leg into, making it a feat of athletic’s to carry a log on your shoulder while navigating the snow and holes.

Made for a good night’s sleep, but before that, we had to have a little nap….Dennith joined me….

Afterwards we had Happy Hour. Dennith….well it turns out he likes a party….

The lake still appears to have plenty of ice, although we only saw a couple of four wheelers go by which is kinda unusual. I like this view of the lake much better when there is no snow.

I did notice it was open around the edges in places, which made it easy for us to pump some water for toilet flushing, dish washing etc.

Darlene and Wendy had a great time with Dennith, especially Darlene. She was quite surprised that he knew a little something about golf, he demonstrated his putting skills in the afternoon.
Apparently he’s quite the ladies man, and quite entertaining. Imagine Darlene’s surprise when she woke up to find him in bed with her!

Imagine my surprise to get up this morning and discover him fast asleep on the couch in the living room….

I think Dennith enjoyed the trip, although he didn’t say much. He didn’t help out in the woods because I think he found it a little cold….the wind went right through him…..

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