Snow On The Roof

How you doing??? No, how yooooou doing? What a lovely winter day this was, mild and bright, lot’s of sunshine, a perfect day to head out into the great wild and wooly coyote infested Nova Scotia winter outdoors.

That’s exactly what we did this afternoon. Took a run in the Chevy Tracker  to the camp to check on things, make sure it was still standing, and happily it was just about exactly like we left it. That’s a nice relief.

There was quite an accumulation of packed snow drifted up on one end of the cottage, it was pretty heavy owing to the milder temps, so I improvised a snow roof rake, taping together two painting extension poles and a garden rake. It worked very well, and saved me from having to get up on a slippery roof.

I gotta tell you, I am not fond of getting on a roof at the best of times, I certainly wouldn’t entertain the idea when it’s slippery and snow covered. Well…maybe when I was working, if I had a particularly bad week and was feeling like a little time off in traction in the intensive care ward would be preferable to work.

However, my completely “MacIvered”, homemade snow rake worked reasonably well, I did end up on what I affectionately refer to as “the ladder of doom” an old wobbley top off an extension ladder that has been repaired where it cracked….yes I said “cracked” but….well….don’t worry about it. (A few weeks ago we got the estate planning all worked out….)

So with the help of my associate, Wendy, we cleared the bulk of the snow off the roof and from the roof of our shed as well. There’s a bit more snow in the forecast so I figured it might not hurt to start with a clean slate roof. Actually a clean shingle roof. Hopefully the afternoon sun would melt the remaining snow.

The lake looked as inviting as it always does. What is it about a lake that makes us want to go out and play on it, summer or winter. From the looks of the snow out in front, the boys with their toys had been pulling some four wheeler donuts on the weekend.

Speaking of donuts, the last time I saw “the boys” they looked like they had been eating a few too many donuts….might be something to consider before driving over ice.

We really didn’t need to take the snow off the roof, it wasn’t that bad, but it gave us a nice purpose, and a reason to stay around the camp for awhile. Too nice a day to just walk around the place and then leave.

The snow was pretty deep, too deep for comfortable walking to be honest, made for a long walk in the road to the camp, but I wasn’t about to risk getting stuck and having a nice afternoon go sour, watching Wendy have to dig us out always tires me.

They’re calling for some more snow tomorrow, but to the disappointment of the news readers, it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be much around here.

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4 thoughts on “Snow On The Roof”

  1. Hello Robert. LL and AA down for the annual ATV Rally on the weekend. We brought a crew of city slickers with their bikes but no plows. So they drove in circles trying to clear the ice for a place to skate. They got so wobbley from going round and round that they couldn’t skate when they finished. Beautiful weekend at the Lake even with the high winds and heavy rains on Saturday night.

  2. If we are going to go the clear bag route we might as well just use tax payer’s money to buy portable X-ray machines so they can see right into our houses. Also, why not let the thugs in the neighborhood know what kind of things we buy so it will make it easy for them to tell which house is worth robbing and which house is not.

    Isn’t the second R-Reuse before the last R-Recycle? I reuse the bags that I carry my groceries in, they are free, re-used, not clear, but also your 4 large GLAD bags are equal to my 8 Sobeys bags.

    Of course the by-law does nothing for apartment dwellers who can through out as much and even more than what the dumpster can hold.

  3. GGOTL learned how to use the snowblower while I was at the ATV wintergames, good thing I bought her a pressure washer last summer, the siding on the house next door used to be white, three coats of wet snow and drips from the driveway, I still love her — my little snow angel. Just over five weeks ’til spring, hope that gopher from Shubie is right. Good deal on welders at P Auto , does Wendy need one.