Introducing Dennith S. Bonetooth-Our New Writer Correspondent

I’m not complaining, but keeping up a regular blog website is not easy, certainly not as easy as it looks to non-bloggers. It takes a good deal of time to come up with a post idea, do the research, (I guess, never really do much research) and then to write about it in any depth. (none of my posts are very deep)

Even without a day job, it still requires a good deal of my time, time that I could better spend napping on the couch, watching television, surfing the net, fishing, hunting, or cloud gazing from the hammock at the camp, listening to the birds singing in the trees, the loons calling to each other on the lake and the coyotes howling in the woods behind the distant shore.

Those are the kind of things a blogger needs time to do, time to relax, concentrate and let our thoughts percolate in the fuzzy netherworld of a bloggers brain, until they come together in some semblence of order and come trippingly to the tips of our fingers which then dance quickly and efficiently over the keyboard keys, creating….our….umm….art. Let’s call it art.

It’s particularly difficult if said blogger is trying to write something on a regular basis, say everyday, or at least every other day. A defined schedule means the blogger has to get up every morning and get at it, whether that is finding ideas, researching ideas, taking photographs, drafting an article, linking to others, reading comments, and deleting spam comments. That’s before we start writing.

For me, that’s compounded by the fact that my own computer crashed last week, and now I am sharing one with my loving wife, who, bless her heart, gives up hers to allow me to follow the dream. It’s a big commitment and sacrifice on her part, giving up her computer until I can scrape together the bucks to get a new computer of my own.

I did a little basic accounting this morning to get an idea as to when i might have enough revenue saved to purchase a new computer. Turns out, that  given the pathetic, almost non-existent revenue this blog earns, may take one hundred and ten years, 7 months, 14 days, 3 hours, 2 minutes.

Yup…it looks like yours truly is going to have to turn to something else to supplement his income, perhaps a….oh I hate to say it….get a job…..Yup, a job. Of course that brings a whole bunch of additional issues with it, such as where am I going to get a job, given I am barely qualified to walk around, and compared to the workforce of today, uneducated and unskilled. I have no useful, specific  training, no trade, no education to speak of, or at least nothing current, no people skills, no mechanical ability, I’m not in good physical shape so labour work isn’t practical, and to be honest, I am lazy….so about all I can think of is politics….maybe run for municipal city council or something…..

So, given that I am probably going to have to leave the keyboard and go do something more….well….lucrative, or at least something that generates an income, I am left with a bit of a delimma. How am I going to keep The Cottage Chronicles updated in the style that my readers, all 4 email subscribers have become accustomed to? After all, I have made a commitment to my readers to keep them involved, informed, and even amused sometimes. If I am working at McDonalds or somewhere similar, it isn’t going to be easy to keep up the unparalled, original, exciting, entertaining, quality of writing that they have come to expect from The Cottage Chronicles. So it looks like I might have to take on a writer, someone I can send out in the field, someone who can post when I am unavailable.

Where on earth would I be able to dig up someone like that?????

Well all is not lost dear reader, I have some good news. I happened to mention my problem to a friend of mine who had a friend of his who knew someone who happens to have some free time of his own, and was looking for something to do to fill some….umm…. holes. He suggested that perhaps he could love to come on board The Cottage Chronicles boat and help out, perhaps with some article writing and spam comment reading and deleting. The best part is, he offered to work for a share of the profits, which means he is working for free. Gotta love that.
What’s more, he has a background in blogging, having had his own unsuccessful blog for several years before literally starving to death, so he is not only experienced, he has no expectations of ever making any money working for me. I didn’t  do any reference checks, but I’m pretty sure he will be a good asset to the blog, dependable, and entertaining.

Finally  we might have a writer around here with something to contribute.

So without further adieu, I’d like to introduce you to Dennith S.  Bonetooth, our new Executive Writer/Blogger Researcher/Correspondent.  Dennith brings a wealth of experience, having held senior management positions in several fields, including  the recreational rubber boating industry and solar powered origami cottage  design. In school he studied  astro-physics, genealogy, archeology, marketing, scientific research, alternative medicine, website design, bamboo fly rod building, lumber camp cooking  and nuclear power plant management. He is certainly qualified to work here at The Cottage Chronicles….Most recently Dennith has worked in a call centre.  

Don’t let the cigarette fool you, Dennith quit smoking years ago, said no matter how hard he dragged, he just couldn’t get anything from them.

In his free time Dennith enjoys fly fishing for smallmouth bass in the summer months and is happiest spending sunrise from his tree stand watching for a trophy whitetail buck and rustling up some delicious camp meals at his backwoods deer camp. In fact, it’s our hope that Dennith will be sharing some of those delicious recipes and experiences with us over the next few months.

 And yes ladies, as difficult as it may be to believe, Dennith is currently unattached…..and the part you adventurous women will really like, he’s somewhat a self described, “Bad-Boy” !!!!!

I am looking forward to working with Dennith over the coming months as we combine our talents to continually improve the already high quality of blogging, articles and useful information you have become accustomed to here at The Cottage Chronicles.  During our first, second and subsequent third interview meeting, Dennith mentioned some things that I think are going to improve the quality here. I was particularly interested in his ideas around podcasts, recipes, and getting outside, into the great outdoors with the wind in our hair and the sun in our eyes, bringing you some exciting outdoors adventures.

Dennith was good enough to agree to posing for a file picture, however it was after our third interview, which was held at the bar….it appears Dennith might have a bit of a problem holding his liquor……

Please join me in welcoming Dennith to his new role here at The Cottage Chronicles, I’m sure he will be an asset to the organization. By the way, he tells me his name is pronounced
Den-ithhh, I guess it takes practice, I keep saying Dennis, but it’s Dennithhhhhhhh, emphasis on the “ith” like, Denn-ithhhhhhh


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5 thoughts on “Introducing Dennith S. Bonetooth-Our New Writer Correspondent”

  1. Sorry to make more work for you by commenting ;) but I wanted to let you know that you got my vote should you decide to run, ok walk, for office; we need more outdoor people running things in our fine city because if you are outdoors it means you are not in your tax payers supplied office with your head up your…

    For now I will hold judgement on any of Dennith’s posts (at least until I actually read any) but I doubt that they will be lively as your.

    PS: If you find a job, become the boss and hire me. Being jobless at 40, I doubt I’ll retire at 50.

  2. Hey James, I don’t mind it when real readers comment, only the spam artists, of which there are many, trying to get a link to their sites which are typically no good. Me for office eh, well, according to a review of my qualifications, it’s about all I could do…LOL
    We’ll see how Dennith does when he gets started, I’m already a little concerned about his drinking….
    Thanks for your comments, keep them coming !!

  3. Congrats to Dennith in joining The Cottage Chronicles team! I’m looking forward to reading his posts though he has big shoes to fill in keeping up with the high standards of thoroughly humorous and witty content we’re so used to reading. Not that I want to put any pressure on the new guy!

  4. Thanks Margo, but I have to admit, I am burning out. That’s why I had to hire Dennith, so I can get a little break, maybe go hunting or something. All work and no play makes Rob a dull blogger. Dennith will hopefully take up some of the slack around here…..I am a little worried about his health though, he’s so thin you can see right through him. Hope he stays well, we don’t have a health plan.

  5. I’d say D S B needs some real food, liver n onions, mashed PEI spuds with lots of budder and some Coors to wash er down, Rob that guy looks so bad a coyote wouldn’t take a bite maybe it was his time in the nuclear plant that did it. Feed him back to health so he can give us his views on the politically incorrect guys and all the criminal charges.