Fog Machines, Clams and Editorial Meetings

Another snowstorm today, or at least snow and a cold wind making it one of those days when it’s just as well to stay inside cuddled up to the oil stove, dreaming about Spring and wishing for the winning lottery ticket. I’m hoping everyone had a Happy Valentine’s Day yesterday. It’s good that they moved that to Sundays, gives the workers an opportunity to be with their Valentines. Unless of course their Valentine is not their wife, instead it’s the sexy new girl in the Marketing Dept, in which case it makes things rather awkward….
**editors note/update: Since writing the above, I have since discovered that yesterday was infact Monday, therefore they did not move Valentines Day to Sunday as previously reported above. Apparently they moved it to Monday which makes no sense at all.**)

Well it looks like I dodged a bullet yet again. Instead of sitting home watching television with my new buddy, Dennith, I could have been at the Playboy Mansion catching some kind of Legionnaire’s disease.

Yup, as a world famous blogger I often have to turn down invitations to exotic parties sit home watching television trying to come up with the next big story something half sensible to write about.

But this time I am glad that things turned out like they did, for me, not so good for the folks who went to the celebrity event at the Playboy Mansion. Seems that about 100 people became ill after attending the event on February 3rd.

Apparently it hasn’t been proven that the folks got sick at the Playboy Mansion because they had all been at several places as part of the DomainFest Global Internet Conference (see…I could have been there, it was an internet conference) with Playboy the last place along the venue.

Authorities are unsure of the cause, although there is some mention that the ‘fog machine’ may have played a role.  A fog machine? Perhaps a fog machine rental? Here along the Atlantic coast they have been telling us that the fog was caused by icebergs melting off the coast….turns out it might be from a fog machine?? More proof you cannot believe the authorities and scientists. Turns out, fog machines run off dry ice. There is no dry ice off the coast of the Atlantic, it’s wet ice, or frozen ice…um…can ice be described as frozen ice? It’s already frozen that’s why it’s ice….how do I get myself into these things.
Spokespeople are saying that it is not proven that the persons involved became sick at the Playboy Mansion, given that there are several places the guests could have been prior to coming the Mansion.

That is much like the First Annual Cottage Clam Festival, How do I know where my neighbors were before the event? They are a dodgy lot at the best of times….On that particular occasion, I had dug some clams at a nearby clam beach and invited the neighbors over for the First Annual Rum and Cottage Clam Festival back in the late 80’s.

I remember it well, it was around the same time I learned to read those signs the Dept of Fisheries post around clam flats at times when the shellfish may not be good to eat. It was so foggy that day, we didn’t see any signs…and even if we did, and I am not saying we did, but if we did, who follows those really? C’mon, it’s just a suggestion…..

On that particular occasion the guests complained about having some stomach problems later on as well. I escaped it miraculously. Perhaps because I had noticed the signs and had subconciously decided against clams, opting for the egg salad sandwiches instead.

It wasnt foggy that day, but the day after the Clam Festival some of the neighbors complained about being in a “fog” Nothing was ever proven, the evidence having been flushed….

Cottage Chronicles Editorial Meeting

On another note, we had our first Cottage Chronicles Editorial Meeting here today, our first! It’s something that our new correspondent Dennith wanted to have, even though I abhor a meeting as they are typically an unproductive waste of time, but I thought, well, what the heck, we’ll give it a try. Besides, with Dennith on board, I have staff now…staff….He might have some good ideas, something we can write about that will enthrall our cottage chronicles readers and make them come back for more. So we threw some ideas back and forth, Dennith was supposed to take notes, turns out he isn’t much of a note taker, I’m starting to wonder if he can even write……

Well….as you can see from reading this post, the meeting didn’t work. I don’t think we will have anymore “editorial meetings” nor will we being having anymore Cottage Clam Festivals…….

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