Do Canadians Have The Right To Defend Themselves?

As a Canadian, do you believe you have the right to defend yourself if necessary? Can you use force to defend your person in the event you are attacked, perhaps by a robber inside your home? Some recent crimes in Canada have brought forward some rather unsettling questions about self defense and in particular how official authorities feel about it.

Suppose you and your loved ones are tucked away for the night in your rural camp/cottage when the front door crashes open and two men walk in and they aren’t volunteer firefighters there to save you from a chimney fire. Nope, these are bad guys.

Do you have the legal right to defend yourself and your loved ones from what you perceive to be the risk of physical harm? And in that circumstance, who wouldn’t perceive it as a threat?

Can you defend yourself, using deadly force if necessary or are you only allowed to call the police, who in the case of rural Canada, might be 20 miles away when you call?  If you do defend yourself, what are your rights? Will you be treated as a criminal?

It’s an interesting question, and the answer might surprise you. It seems that the authorities, mainly the police, the law courts, and Government  are not too eager to accept what rights you may have. 

Here’s an interesting article from The National Post worth reading, Canadians Have A Right To Self Defence Even If Our Officials Deny It

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  1. canadians have no rights, they let groverment tell them what to’s ashame what use to be a great country.

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