Conventional Wisdom and Soda Pop

Don’t ya just hate it when conventional wisdom discovers it might be wrong? You know what I mean, conventional wisdom says don’t do “that” do “this,” it’s better for you, even though “that” isn’t nearly as much fun. Like all good suckers people listen to the conventional wisdom, suffer the consequences for years, only to find out that the conventional wisdom might have been wrong. It’s like listening to conventional wisdom and therefore carrying an air horn to scare away agressive coyotes only to discover it is actually replicating their mating call…or their call to supper…..well not exactly like that but you know what I mean. Don’t ya just love challenging conventional wisdom? It’s tricky, but it can be done, and when it works, it’s fun.
So by now you are likely wondering, “What the heck is Rob talking about now? This guy is crazy. Why do I even come to this blog?”

Well here’s the thing, you come here for the free gifts, amazing repartee and useful information. I think this post goes under the useful information category so pay attention, it could save your life….or not.

You have been sucking back the diet pop, enjoying the ice cold magic exlir as it tingles over your tongue and frolics with your taste buds, all the pleasure, without the guilt of drinking something that might be fattening.

You’re feeling a little “holier than thou” or at least holier than the rest of us who drink regular soda pop because diet soda is healthier right? Not so says a recent nine year study involving the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. In fact, the authors of the study presented some interesting findings at the International Stroke Conference in Los Angeles, using words that you might find disconcerting, like diet pop drinkers have an increased chance of stroke.

Yup, those of you who say, “make mine diet,”  or your little voice says, “I can have a pop because it’s diet” might be mistaken….too bad. Might as well go have a smoke with your diet pop cause according to this recent study, you’ve been screwed….multiple times.

Not that I have anything against diet pop drinkers, other than the idea that you are trying to live longer than me or that you want to be skinnier than me. You march proudly off to the convenience store and feel so ‘healthy’ buying your diet pop, smiling smugly at me as I stand in the lineup behind you with a can of regular pop in my hand and my um…. portly….tummy helping to hold up my pants.

Not only that, but the popcans can be used to make a pop can solar heater, which is a solar heater made from pop cans….I will tell you where to find the plans for a popcan solar heater as soon as I find the link. I have it. Just can’t find it at the moment. Give me time.

Come to think of it, I cannot recall the last time I saw a skinny person drinking diet pop. That’s not to say that skinny people don’t drink diet soda, or that drinking diet soda will make you skinny or not. I have no idea, I am not a scientist, or a doctor, although some might argue otherwise, but in my experience, I just haven’t run across anyone skinny who attributes it to diet pop. Think about it. Next time you are in the local pop shop, restaurant or bar,  look around you….nuff said….it is enough said, right? You understand right? Oh my god I am in over my head again….I need a lawyer to read these things before I hit the “publish” button.

I appreciate your comments…..Dennith will read them all.

If you have somehow missed the news reports on this, check out these two reports concerning the recent health concerns about diet soda pop, Here and Here

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