Conclusions About Crime In Canada

I’m sure this will come as no surprise to the more astute among my readers, (and that means you) but the National Post is reporting that the Conclusions About Crime In Canada Are Badly Distorted. Yup, either by accident or on purpose, we’re being led to believe some things that may not be true….it’s all in how you interpret the statistics.

Each year we are told that criminal activity in Canada is on the decline, we’re safer, but according to the National Post article, that may not be completely accurate.

Scott Newark of the MacDonald-Laurier Institute for Public Policy, has released a report indicating that statisticians have fiddled with the statistics so much that it is very difficult, if not “nearly impossible” to have a clear picture of criminal activity in Canada, or how effective the justice system is at controlling repeat offenders.

You can read the full National Post story Here: Conclusions About Crime In Canada Badly Distorted

When you read it, remember how the powers that be would have you believe current legislation like the firearm registration is working…..

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