A Special Breed of Men

I recently heard from a regular reader, well, a kinda regular reader, not that he is “regular” in any sense of the word, let’s just say that he is smart enough to read The Cottage Chronicles with regularity. I’m talking about Lonesome Larry, a neighbor of mine at the cottage. Larry is lucky enough to have captured the heart of his gal, Gorgeous Gwen of The Lake, (GGOTL) something that the rest of us can only dream about…and given their huge age difference, wonder if perhaps he stole her away as a child bride…..(you can thank me later Gwen)

Well I dunno what he’s got going on, but he’s got it going on and here’s what I’m talking about……. According to his report, in the form of a comment on our previous post it seems that apparently while ole Lonesome and his pal, Alleghany Al were doing donuts in the snow on the lake last weekend at the big 4 wheeler rally,  it snowed at home. And by doing donuts, I mean, they were eating great big, creme filled, sugar sprinkled, jumbo donuts in the snow on the lake while their buddies drove their four wheelers around and around in circles on the lake, perhaps because they were unfamiliar with the lake and got lost in the snow, and their guides, Lonesome Larry and Alleghany Al, were busy chowing down a big box of Boston Creme’s.

Now most of us guys would have been left to worry, oh-oh snowstorm! Here we are at the camp, and the women are home, in the midst of a nasty storm. Should we go home? The wives will be home alone, perhaps snowbound in the house, unable to get out. They will need a man, there’s snow-blowing to be done, and that’s mans work.

That’s what most of us would think. Not so with our heros, Lonesome Larry and Alleghany Al….nosiree….when it was snowing a blizzard, when the risk of power failure was imminent, the snow piling up like sugar on a strawberry, when their womenfolk were home alone, suffering the ravages of a cold Nor’easter, the men decided the best use of their time was to get their four wheelers out and go do some donuts on the lake!!!

Now…there are men, ordinary men, and then there is a special breed of man, the kind of man described best by Canadian Poet, Robert W. Service, in his famous poem, The Shooting Of Dan Mcgrew this special breed of men are something we call, “a man’s-man” and that dear reader…..describes our own correspondents in the snow, Lonesome Larry and Alleghany Al.

In his epic poem set in those heady exciting days of men’s men and men’s women….Service described the miner who shot it out with Dangerous Dan Mcgrew like this:

There’s men that somehow just grip your eyes, and hold them hard like a spell;
And such was he, and he looked to me like a man who had lived in hell;
With a face most hair, and the dreary stare of a dog whose day is done,
As he watered the green stuff in his glass, and the drops fell one by one.”

Can’t you just picture Lonesome Larry and Alleghany Al, standing on the icy lake, chowing down donuts, washing it down with a shot of whiskey while the wild northern storm whips snow and ice about their heads and green stuff drips from their noses into their shot glasses….

Were they worried for the welfare of their womenfolk, left home to fight the savage beast that came in the form of a cold winter snow followed by freezing rain and made worse by high winds? Were they concerned that their girls wouldn’t be able to get out and get to work on time? (Well maybe a little)

But no, these men are different. Lonesome Larry let us know tonight that it was a good thing he showed Gorgeous Gwen of the Lake how to run the snowblower, she had it all cleared by the time he got home. Apparently she buried the neighbor’s house in the process, but what the heck, he probably wasn’t home.

So, we have established that there are men, a special breed of men, who we are calling individually, a “man’s man”  Rugged, tough individuals who brave the elements in the name of fun, while their wives look after their interests at home using the power tools.

I like to think of myself in that regard, at least somewhat. The only difference may be that I don’t own a four wheeler…..don’t really like the cold, and the special breed of men to which I belong, don’t allow our womenfolk to use the snowblower……we make em’ shovel….

Like I said….there’s men….and then there is a special breed of men……

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3 thoughts on “A Special Breed of Men”

  1. Rob, I tried to send you a few words last night but it don’t look like this thing was in gear or the clutch is bad, she won’t “giv-er” or the “gigger-bits” are lost in cyber space , where ever that is, I’ll put a new plug in and some gas line antifreeze, Later Dude

  2. I want to tell you about a special man; my cousin, blood relative , camp neighbour, fishin pal, moose killin partner, donut eatin buddy Allegany Al.

    I am a Ford guy, drive , play and work in Ford trucks. Al did the same til he went to trade and some “get rich on every sale” dealer pushed his button. Al crossed the road. Allegany Al is now a RAM, four door,4X4, bells and whistles CFC ( Camp Fire Cathy) loves it, he bought it for her and she says that the thought of Al being a “RAM MAN” just makes her all—— sorry I’m getting away from the focus of my story.

    This is the part that’s hard to put on paper, only real men of the woods and lakes and brooks will really understand. We were havin a drink or two after the ATV winter games when Al left the table and returned , he looked at me then gave me his BUILT FORD TOUGH camo truckin hat askin that I wear it proud and take it to places his RAM can’t go, chokes you up eh. So there you have it, Captain Allegany Morgan Al passed the Ford hat to me , I am honoured, the dirty finger prints and Muskol smell will remain unwashed and a memorial to when Al drove a ford. When you get Wendy her new F150 I’ll ask Al if you can take the hat for a run, it’s the right thing to do. Five weeks to go, *%&^# in winter!!!!!

  3. We got er posted Lonesome, a hitch in the giddy up I guess. I’m not surprised to learn that Al is RAM tough, he always seemed the….um…Dodge type though…kind of dodgy. It’s touching to think he gave his Built Ford Tough hat to you, but I suppose he knows you will wear it with pride. I thought that a person was supposed to turn that back in to the dealer when they sold their Ford. What do they give RAM owners to wear? a set of mountain goat horns? We’ll all look back on this and remember when Alleghany Al got outed and switched sides….Good for Chrysler though, they need all the sales they can get.