Winter Cottage Pics

I’m feeling a little Friday night lazy, so rather than a long post of the usual drivel intelligent information I thought maybe we’d just look at some pictures from our week at the cottage to ring in the New Year ! They are not even very good pics but what the heck, they’re all I have…

So lets get started shall we. Here’s the camp with it’s winter coat on…..

Here is the view of our lake if you could see through the plastic……

The above pic is another big poplar tree that was starting to lean a little too far toward our neighbor’s shed and outhouse. It looked like it was time for it to become firewood. So while Doug took charge of the chain saw, I stood at the ready with a stout rope tied to the Tracker, ready to guide the tree to a perfect landing, where it wouldn’t crush anything we didn’t want crushed.

Once the tree was down, it was just too easy to pull the trunk out to the ‘firewood cutting area’ using the Tracker for muscle. "chev tracker pulling tree"

Just to say I still got it, I carried out a piece myself. Of course while I was playing superman, Doug carried out the rest of the tree…..ahem….OK…so I am lazy.

We decided to save part of the tree trunk for awhile, in the event we decide to use it as a roller to move the shed. Just as soon as I get ambitious….so in order to move the proposed roller to a safe place, away from the chain saws, we brought out my litle cottage invention, something I call, “the mower tower”

Don’t laugh…it works…or at least it used to until we put this heavy tree trunk on it. Might need a new mower tower for next year. We had branches to burn so we lit a fire using the neighbors wharf for kindling….

"camp fire"

After a hard day of tree cutting, it was time for supper, and being New Year’s Eve and all, that meant fresh lobster!

"Doug chopping lobster"

Notice the machete? I tell ya, those fellas from Newfoundland, they take eating lobster seriously….

"lobster chopper"

Afterwards, it was a game or two of darts, where the Doug and Wendy ultimately beat Darlene and I, even though we put up a long fight, and never surrendered, but how can you win against dart players who throw like this?

And to finish up New Years 2011, just after we rang in the New Year, along came a mysterious stranger….turned out to be none other than that famous webslinger, Spiderman, or at least a reasonable facsimile….

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2 thoughts on “Winter Cottage Pics”

  1. You met Spiderman!!??!?!? That is a pretty exciting way to bring in the New Year! I almost didn’t recognize the camp with it’s “winter coat” on!

  2. Yup Spidey was there. He is much taller in person.
    Sounds like the camp is going to need it’s winter coat with the pending snow storm coming.