Walk Tall and Carry A Big Stick

Deep Freeze brrrrrrrrr
It’s cold…oh my it is cold out there today. My thoughts go out to anyone who has to work outside today, and for that matter anyone who has to walk to work, even if they work indoors when they get there. Hopefully you will find something here in this mixed bag of random stuff something to warm the cockles of your heart….

So just how friggin’ cold is it? Here in the Halifax area of Nova Scotia, the temperature today, with the windchill factored in, when to around
-27 to – 30 celcius. That means that with the wind chill, there is a risk of frostbite with prolonged exposure. That’s friggin’ cold enough for me.

Coyote News
In the coyote news, and it seems that these days there is always coyote news, the professional trapper assigned to capture the three coyotes who attacked the meter reader in Halifax suburb this past week, hasn’t had much luck. So far the three wily coyotes have been…well…wily.
Government officials have posted signs in the area of the recent attack, asking the coyotes to turn themselves in warning residents that there have been coyotes in the area and to take appropriate precautions. I don’t think that officials are telling us just how many coyotes are out there, obviously they don’t know, suffice to say, there must be lots of them given their continued appearance in the news.

The Nova Scotia government has created a one page document advising residents what to do if they encounter a coyote in their neighborhood. Essentially it suggests keeping your dog on a leash, carrying a big stick when walking, and backing away slowly rather than turning your back on the animal to run away. There are some additional tips, you can read them Here Of course it never hurts to walk with a partner, particularly a partner who cannot run as fast as you.

Walking Tall
Speaking of walking tall and carrying a big stick….I am reminded of an action movie, Walking Tall starring Joe Don Baker as Sheriff Buford Pusser, a real life individual, who legend has it, delivered his own form of self-rightous Tennessee bad ass justice with a big hickory stick. There were several Walking Tall movies made, and Sheriff Pusser was played by other actors, but Joe Don Baker always seemed to me to be Sheriff Buford Pusser. Come to think of it, with a name like Buuu-ford Puss-er you’d need to carry a big stick.

With these coyotes on the prowl, maybe we should all carry big hickory sticks or at least give Sheriff Pusser a call and see if he is busy.

Speaking of Hickory Sticks…man I love them….delicious. I can taste some of those delicious Hostess smokey hickory flavored skinny potato chips right now….but it’s too cold to out to get some dammit.

Apparently Franklin Roosevelt originally created that expression, although it appears he said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick” Somehow it became, “walk tall and carry a big stick” which works for me, however, I like this one even better, Walk tall and carry a big stick. Or carry a gun and walk anyway you want.

General Motors Number 2
In other news, General Motors had sales second only to Toyota last year. That means that GM is fighting back to the top position in automobile sales, a position they held up until 2008 when they were edged out of the top spot by Toyota. This the same company that needed a bailout from the Government not so long ago? I guess that means the bailout worked, which I think is a a good thing. Actually, the reason for the happy GM news is their sales in China, which were bigger than their United States sales.

In the words of our favorite late night rascal, Craig Ferguson, “It’s a great day for America everyone!”

History Lesson
In other news, scientists now know what happened on earth, 250 million years ago. Giant volcanic eruptions wiped out pretty much everything and that’s before the dinosaurs arrived. It’s was during a time affectionately called the Permian Period, and then the Permian Extinction, that killed over 95 percent of life in the ocean and 70 percent on land. Scientists know about the extinction, but not why it happened, until now…and you will know too, if you read this report from the Calgary Herald

Jackson Browne On Tour
And for all you fans of the now 62 year old Jackson Browne, you wont’ be Running On Empty anymore, because Jackson has just announceda cross-Canada Jackson Browne tour from British Columbia to Newfoundland starting March 28, 2011 in Edmonton. (He’s also touring the U.S.A.)

For those of you wondering who the heck is Jackson Browne? He is an American rock singer-songwriter and musician, a pretty successful one at that, having sold in excess of 17 million albums in the United States alone. I know he sold at least one in Canada, because I have it. Jackson hit his stride in the 1970’s with songs such as “Stay” “Running on Empty” “Somebody’s Baby” and “These Days” to name just a few. Browne was inducted into the inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004 by his friend Bruce Springsteen. Back when I was a young’un I was a fan, and I still am today, here’s an album of mine from the 70’s.

Jackson Browne Running On Empty Album

Among the songs of Jackson Browne, there is one that stands out as one of his best as far as I am concerned, although others will disagree I am sure. It’s a song about the music business in the 60’s and 70’s particularly the life of a musician on tour, on the road, and what that means. The lyrics are a tribute I think to not only the “roadies” who do the work of setting up and tearing down the stage and equipment, but also the fans. Jackson’s songs, The Load Out and Stay sequed together acknowledges the people who make him able to do what he does, and in the same song, he acknowledges the reason he does what he does, the fans.

I love his live concert versions of these songs, such as this one from a live concert for the BBC, Live At Shepherd’s Bush Theatre, London in 1978.

Jackson Browne in Halifax, Nova Scotia at the Halifax Metro Centre, April 12, 2011. Tickets available from Atlantic Superstore and www.ticketatlantic.com.

And now for all you Jackson Browne fans and those who aren’t Jackson Browne fans but should be….your cottage campfire song:

Running on Empty

Jackson Browne Website

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