The World Famous Cottage Chronicles Sunday Blog Round-UP

Hi !! Welcome to the January 9, 2011 edition of the world famous Cottage Chronicles Sunday Blog Round-up !

This being Sunday and all, and me being home from the cottage for a bit, and the weather outside quite frightful, the fire quite delightful, and it snowing-snowing-snowing, making it truly a marshmallow world I thought it might be nice to drop in on some of my fellow bloggers and see what they are up to these days.

Besides my desire to promote my fellow bloggers writing and photography endeavors, I admit, I got rather tired of watching TLC’s all day Sarah Palin’s Alaska television marathon, and figured it was time I did something more productive than watching the next U.S. Presidential election prospective candidate convince us that she is good downhome good people which I have no doubt she is….Today I saw her halibut fishing, mountain climbing, chain sawing a big tree, trap shooting, bear watching…did you know they go fishing in a motorhome the size of a bus??? Actually I think it is a bus…..way to go Sarah, talk about going fishing in style. She certainly seems game to try anything.

So forgetting about Sarah Palin for a bit, let’s get started looking at some blogs shall we, beginning with an old blogger favorite of mine from my blogspot days, Woodsrunner.

Woodsrunner has some interesting Thoughts on Prepardedness over at his blog, Woodsrunner’s Trail.

Another of the blogs that I enjoy written by a blogger who goes by the name Frugal Canadian Hermit, and writes, Simple Man Simple Plan. Frugal Canadian Hermit, (his friends call him FCH) has been living off the grid since 2009 and loving it. He is documenting his story in words and pics, a good read and a blog full of useful information for those interested in living off the grid, or making their cottage a little less dependent on….um….the grid I guess.

Some folks call them Canada Jay’s, others call them Camp Jay’s, Camp Robbers or Gray Jay’s and in the Maine area I believe they are known as “Whiskey Jacks.” Regardless of what we call them, we all know the little gray and white bird that hangs around the camp looking for a handout.They are usually quite friendly and have a magic knack of showing up at backwoods camps whenever the dinner bell rings or not long after we arrive, ready to visit and partake of any food that we might offer. Elaine from Fairbanks, Alaska, has captured some great pictures of gray jays on her post, Don’t Feel Sorry For The Camp Robber I haven’t seen a gray jay around our place in years, I am not sure why. I miss them, they are quite aggressive when it comes to getting a handout from the camp kitchen.

Jenn Jilks is watching the deer, turkeys and even caught a glimpse of a wolf, at Reflections From Cottage Country

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, you need to visit Ed Boutilier’s cottage photo blog, and see his fabulous photo’s of the Muskoka cottage country region of Canada. Ed uses a special technique of layering photos one over the other to create his masterpieces of photography. At least I think that is how he does it, it is a little bit above my head, but the results he achieves are quite lovely. Ed’s blog is appropriately called,

Some nice pics of some whitetail deer posted at the Beauville Cottage Resort Blog I am sensing that the deer are coming out to the cottages instead of staying in the woods….and yet at our cottage instead of deer we get coyotes….I’m thinking there may be a connection there somewhere….

Be sure to check out Jackie Donnelly’s blog, Saratoga Woods and Waterways, Jackie’s got some great pics of the winter ice, a tribute to the natural beauty of Mother Nature at work and proof of the existence of her own artistry. Variations On A Theme Of Ice

Ever wonder what honey bees do in the winter? I have…on several occasions, but not any more. I just learned lots about honey bees from Natalie at Knatolee’s World, she has a great new post called, What Bees Are Up To In The Winter

No blog roundup is complete without a visit to one of my all time favorite blogger’s, Shelley at Building A Log Cabin. In the beginning of my blogging days, I learned quite a bit from Shelley’s blog and try to drop in on her cabin blog as often as possible. I always enjoy a visit to see what Shelley, Greg and their Bernese Mountain Dog, Scout, are doing at the their Michigan log cabin. Shelley has some great new pics posted at Winter Foliage and while you are at it, did you know that Shelley and Greg’s dog, Scout, has a blog? Check it out too, Scout’s blog

Speaking of dogs, if you are like me, and enjoy some days afield in pursuit of small game, check in on Setters Feathers and Groused Tales:Birddogdocs Chronicles

And if you are even more like me, and I think some of you might be, you enjoy spending some winter evenings at the fly-tying bench, cranking out some new killer patterns guaranteed to catch great bloody big fish everytime you cast them into the water. Fish bigger than anyone has ever caught before…fish so big the water level drops when you pull them up onto the bank and goes back up when you release them….There is no better way to put in some time over the winter than creating some new fishing flies for your spring and summer fly fishing adventures. If that’s the case, pay a visit to Owl Jones…yup…his name is “Owl” at OMG It’s Fly Tying Owl has some great posts, lots of information and best of all, he shows us his favorite fly patterns….ssshhhh !! Owl is one of those guys you just gotta like and you will.

There you go, some winter reading for you. Whenever I do one of these blog round-ups I get so caught up reading all the fabulous blogs and blog writing and blog pictures that I lose track of time. It’s almost bed time for bloggers.

See you soon!!

p.s. Does anyone else think the way Sarah Palin handles a fishing rod is kinda….well….ummm…

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  2. Hey, thanks for the little plug! I’m glad you enjoyed the bee post. I need to do one next about the various jobs bees have in the hive. It’s coming! I like your new blog design/layout too!