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From time to time, like any good blogger, I check my blog stats….who am I kidding? I check them several times a day to see how many folks have read The Cottage Chronicles!! It’s almost an addiction, there should be a support group for this….

It can be uplifting one day when the number is high or very much a downer when the number of visitors is low. Sometimes, like a person trying to quite smoking, I try very hard to put off that first look at the stats each morning, “noooo” I tell myself, don’t look, Don’t Look !! but then I do anyway.

When I check my stats, I always have a look at the various features that Statcounter offers, like the keyword analysis for instance. This gives me an idea of the things that people are searching for that find my illustrious world  famous amazingly popular always informative enthralling cottage blog.

Some of the keywords or in particular the keyword phrases, that web searchers query…well…they interest me, and some just make me laugh. So I thought I might start a little list of searches that I found kind of funny.

1) watch to do at the cottage winter”
(This one is obviously a typo, but he still found me. Gotta love that.)

2) “the fisherman behold the fisherman he riseth early”
(This one is a reference to a poem, it hangs on a little sign at our camp, the full text is:
Behold the fisherman,
He riseth early in the morning,
He waketh the whole household,
Many are his preparations,
Bountiful are his expectations,
But….he arriveth home late at night, smelling of strong drink,
And the truth is not in him

(We also have The Angler’s Prayer on the wall at the cottage:
“Lord give me the grace to catch a fish,
So big that even I,
Afterwards when talking of it,
Will never need to lie.”)
What hangs on your cottage walls? Pictures???

3) “coyote poop pictures”
(If you are looking for coyote poop pictures you’ve come to the right place, we’ve got them… fact, some would argue we specialize in poop around here, if I’m not posting about cottage septic tanks I am posting pics of coyote poop….watch your step it can get slippery!)

4) “cut myself with key chain pocket knife in my pocket” (OK…this one kinda throws me for a loop. He cut himself with a key chain pocket knife, and apparently wants to search for other dummies guys (you know it has to be a man thing) who did the same thing maybe? But seriously, if you did this, would you tell people? Well…again, he’s come to the right place, I’ve done that many times)

5) “using cottage for winter weekend plumbing”
(not sure about this one, apparently he or she is looking for a cottage he or she, or perhaps both *wink* can use to do some ummmm…”plumbing” in during the winter.)

6) “I quit my job and built a cabin”
(Oh you poor soul. You quit your job and built a cabin…. Sounds like trouble at work, too much stress perhaps, looking for a way to escape to the woods like Thoreau, or perhaps that photographer, filmmaker guy who quit society and moved to a cabin he built himself in Alaska. Best advice I can give is go ask for you job back….and get counselling)

7) “Lost my 4 wheeler in the lake”
(I have only one question, what lake?)

8) “Digging up my cottage septic tank.”
(I’d love to help, but unfortunately I am busy that weekend.)

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