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By now, frequent readers (and the more astute among them) of The Cottage Chronicles will have noticed that I have added a new banner link to the links at the bottom of the main page of The Cottage Chronicles, it’s a link to the Outdoor Blogger Network ! or “OBN” as I have taken to affectionately calling it. 

That’s because I recently came across the Outdoor Blogger Network and was taken with the oodles and oodles of great information, websites and blogs that it offers. The good folks at the OBN have more outdoorsy stuff packed into their site than I could ever hope to create here on this sorry excuse for a blog…..I mean, c’mon, they have information on everything from fishing to hunting to general outdoor info to outdoor photography and art, boating and watercraft, conservation and ecology, even gasp….outdoor athletics….Something I have stayed away from as much as possible here on this blog, where cottage athletics means carrying groceries from the car to the camp kitchen….

The Outdoor Blogger Network has outdoor gear reviews, outdoor giveaways, (something you don’t get here LOL) as well as lots of outdoor blogs and features about just about anything you might want from the great outdoors.

I particularly enjoy the stories and the product reviews, useful information and opinions from people who know and understand what makes a great outdoor product. 

I think it’s great that the creators of the OBN have come up with the idea to bring lots of outdoor writers, photographers and even bloggers together to create a place for outdoorsy folks to find lots of great information and entertainment relating to their passions for the wild. 

Now I suppose you could be thinking that a blog about cottages is a little bit of a stretch from a blog about hunting moose in Newfoundland, but not really.

A good many cottage and camp owners are outdoorsy types in the first place. Many of us enjoy the outdoors at our cottages through sporting activities. For instance, I am a salmon and trout fly fisherman and a deer hunter of no repute…and little success, but I still enjoy a day on the river or an autumn day stillhunting a hardwood ridge or a softwood swamp looking for the biggest whitetail buck that ever rubbed his velvet antlers shiny on a maple sapling….

I grew up with a nine foot Fenwick salmon flyrod in one hand and a Savage Model 99 in .300 Salvage caliber in the other, and still find chestwaders the most comfortable of pants/boots combination apparel, even if I am just sitting around the camp in the evening star gazing with my wife….(who is seriously concerned about me….) 

Loaded for Bear

A good deal of my love of things outdoorsy stems from a lifetime of “going to the camp” both as a child and as an adult.

Our cottage life has always been entwined with fishing and hunting, as well as boats and other outdoors activities like snowmobiling. The proximity of the woods, the lake and rivers to our cottage meant that I was outdoors by default, and it didn’t hurt that in those days, we didn’t have a television at the cottage either. Even today we only get about 2 1/2 blurry channels on the TV and one is in french. That is a good thing in my opinion.

In this day of computers, engrossing computer games, 300 channel televisions, smart phones, blackberries and ipads, the struggle to get outdoors is a daunting one at times, particularly for the young, so it’s great that bloggers and others are spending their time and efforts writing about their hobbies and providing us with more than a glimpse of the pleasures that can come from a life outdoors.

There are kids growing up who have never wet a line, or called a mallard duck to some decoys during a snowstorm in December. 

It doesn’t help that our governments and media etc, would much rather convince us that running around the countryside on a 4 wheeler is better than running around hunting, and they do want that, believe me.

As a general rule governments don’t want citizens with guns unless they want to give us one to use in some other country to shoot at someone they tell us is the enemy. But it appears they are fine with us using four wheelers to rip and tear over the land, with little or no regard for wildlife, the wilderness or anything other than the question, “Can my 4 wheeler go through that?”

That’s why those of us with experience in the outdoors, those of us who know the thrill of hooking a big fish, or stalking a big deer at daylight in a misty spruce bog need to get more people, young and old, but particularly the young, out in the field with us so they too can experience some of those thrills.

Playing Big Game Hunter in real life is way better than playing it on a computer. We’ve got to show folks that four wheeling if great fun in it’s place, but it isn’t all there is to the outdoors, there are lot’s of other things to do and enjoy as well.

Wow! Did I ever get off on a tangent there…..that happens sometimes when I get a particular thought in my head, sorry about that, and please, I’m not against 4 wheelers, far from it.

All I’m trying to say is that there is a lifetime of experiences waiting for each of us if we are willing to ‘boot-up’ and get outdoors and I think that reading the Outdoor Bloggers Network will help you do just that!!

So…if you are an outdoors cottager or camper, or you enjoy fishing and hunting or other outdoorsy activities, I highly recommend you visit the Outdoor Blogger Network ! And next season, take a kid fishing…..

I support the Outdoor Bloggers Summit

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