Lonesome Larry’s Beach Racer

Hey! Welcome back to the cottage. I had an email yesterday from an old friend who wanted to show me his new ride. “Lonesome Larry” as I like to call him, has come across the perfect “accessory” for those of us getting a little old but still like to get around in the outdoors no matter what the terrain is like……He calls it the Beach Racer!

Lonesome Larry suggested we should all get these for the cottage and have some races on the beach……not a bad idea….

Lonesome Larry is the type of well rounded, outdoorsy guy that really gets things going at the camp. Take for instance his nightly campfires, sometimes ya wonder, looking across the cove at his regular nightly blaze, if he is burning his camp. I’m pretty sure he has gutted the inside of Alleghany Al’s, his neighbor’s place, just to get firewood and stuff to burn. They don’t roast marshmellow and weenies until the next day when the fire burns down. Sometimes we are able to keep working on the renovations at our place long after dark thanks to the light from Lonesome Larry and Alleghany Als campfires.

I have to admit, it could be pretty exciting rolling around a track on the beach with our family and friends cheering us on, stopping occasionally for a pit stop….that really is a “pit stop” so we can get to to the outhouse for a quick break….I dunno about you or Lonesome Larry for that matter, but I find getting older means more frequent pit stops…

These would be a good deal safer than racing on a 4 wheeler, with the exception of the occasional cardiac arrest, quieter too, we could race early in the morning and late at night, and I suspect the environmental impact would be negligible except for all the droplets of old fellar sweat we’d leave on the beach.

It’s good to have some diversions at the cottage, something to work on, and to bring the neighbors all together for a social event, I can’t think of anything more exciting than races on the beach to do that.

I am going to start building mine right away….lemmie see, I am going to need a helmet and a pit crew….I wonder if Danica Patrick would be interested in participating in the race….? Talk about a “diversion” at the cottage…..If she was in the lead Lonsome Larry and Alleghany Al would likely follow her to the middle of the lake and back.

By the way, it almost looks like he’s wearing chestwaders in the picture, well apparently that has nothing to do with the Beach Racer, and it’s not unusual for Lonesome Larry, he wears them all the time, his wife, Gorgeous Gwen Of The Lake, says, “They keep things neater…..” whatever that means…..

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  1. We’ll do the Enviornmental Impact Study in May, think about it in June , race in July and have the awards BBQ in August . It looks like a busy summer at the lake. P.S. Gettin’ new waders for Christmas.

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