The Rising Water

Hi Cottagers! Well…what do you get after several days of hard rain and high wind? It’s not so much what you get as what you lose. In my case it’s a couple tandem loads of topsoil from our new landscape project. We had a steady week of rain which affected the water levels in the lake to the point that I was starting to wonder if our cottage was going to become a houseboat.

The after affect, the dramatic rise in the lake water level, coupled with a strong wind out of the east that wouldn’t let up, is that I lost a good deal of the topsoil that I had recently added.

The water came up over our new wall, which in itself was bad but not real bad, but the wave action, well it worked the shoreline over good, despite my efforts to put stuff in the way of the water to try and hold back some of the soil.

That’s the thing about cottages on the lake, they are susceptable to the whims of mother nature, the weather, and the lake. However, lakefront cabins are hard to beat and even the ‘whims of mother nature’ make it interesting. I might sound like I am complaining about losing a little ground, but in the grand scheme of things, it is only a little ground…..I’m a big boy, I can take it…..

Ah well, such is life, cottage life. I can always get some more ground, it was kind of disappointing because the grass seed we had planted had started to take and it looked like it would have been what you could call a lawn by the spring.  Now it is more what you call ‘dirt and rocks’  Here is a pic of the water over the wall and almost to the fire pit.

I did learn what I think I already knew, and that was that the seawall rocks were not quite high enough. I had a feeling about that after they were installed. I kind of thought that one more level of rock, to make a bit of a wall to hold back the ground would have been a good idea.

However, it looked good without the extra level at the time, so I figured what the heck, it should be OK. But….having been around the lake as long as I have, I knew better, and it is a case of not listening to my “inner voice” which was saying, “One more level of rock would be good, the lake could come up.”

But that is the trouble with “inner voices” who listens to them really? It should be more of a high pitched scream to get our attention…..

I apologize that this next pic is a little blurry, but it was raining hard when I took it from across the cove. As you can see the shoreline is gone, and the camp, from this angle, doesn’t look too far from the water….it wasn’t…….

The water came up well over the new boat launch and into the woods beside it. In fact, I was thinking that at least if it stays this high, I will be able to drive the boat right into the trees and tie it up.

Frequent readers will recognize this pic of the wharf deck. When we built this in the early summer, it wasn’t anywhere near being surrounded by water.

All is not lost though, far from it. I am actually quite happy with the way the wall stood the onslaught of rain and wind, and it is unlikely that it will come much higher than it did ever again, even though the weather forecast is for more rain the next couple of days…..Actually, and I keep telling myself this, it might have been much worse had I not had the landscaping done when I did. At least we had a good wall to hold back some of the water which would have been much further up on the lawn without the wall and the extra ground, we were quite low in some places.

On another note, it was a sad day at the cottage yesterday, not because of the high water, but because of no water…it was time to take the water pump off and close the place for the winter. I drained the water system, and finished closing the front veranda in with plastic and plywood to keep the winter weather out and protect the screen room from the ravages of the north wind, snow, freezing rain, sleet, bitter cold misery…..kind of makes you wish for summer doesn’t it……

I tried to post a video of the rising water, but as we media types like to say, “That video is unavailable,  in it’s place we bring you this one…..

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